Hair Styles For Mums

Let’s face it; hours spent in front of the mirror are over. Now days, it’s runny noses, spilt milk, breakfast on the fly, and out the door. That being said, as a Mum on the go you still want to look your best. Adding a few easy hairdos is a must, and the following ideas are picture-perfect for busy mums! 

The Scarf Wrap

A scarf wrap is simple and pretty. One of the easiest ways to enhance your look is by wrapping a colourful scarf around your hair. When you have just minutes to spare, a scarf-wrap all but guarantees that you will look put-together, and you’ll save time by not having to wash your locks every day. Moreover, scarves are inexpensive accessories that mix and match with all your outfits. From street style to semi-formal eveningwear, gorgeous scarves are some of this year’s hottest items.

Simple Ponytails

Next to the scarf wrap (or in combination) ponytails are contemporary and fun. As one of the simplest hairstyles to create, they look great with almost everything. Not only are they easy and practical around the house, sleek ponytails are great for workdays and while out with your family. If you need to straighten the kinks, products such as those at Mynava offer simple solutions for unruly hair.  To complete the style just add a headband, a scarf, hat, or a hairclip, and you’ve got instant panache. Twist it, poof it, and go.

Plaiting and French Braiding

French braids and fashionable plaits offer simple and attractive way to style your hair. Just go online and find step-by-step instructions for braiding. Or, use a braided hairpiece and wrap it around your ponytail or bun. While the look takes just minutes to create, you’ll appear neat and youthful. Plaits look great with this year’s reinvented ‘Bohemian’ style, and they’re one of the easiest ways to look beautiful… year round. 

Buns Have Been Reinvented

In recent months, the bun has been reinvented. Today’s buns are worn in countless ways… all easy to create, simple to manage, highly fashionable and casually chic. Smooth your hair back and create a tight ‘ballet bun,’ add braids and side-twists, or sweep your hair into a ‘messy bun.’ All of these styles are suited to a busy life on the go!

Straight Hair

Finally, this season, supermodels and celebrities have clearly shown the fashion world that it is perfectly acceptable to go natural. Wear your hair strait, in layers, parted down the middle, or arranged on the side. These are all easy and convenient ways to wear your hair. Bringing back looks from the 1960s and 70s, feminine and carefree clothing styles match up beautifully with these effortless hairstyles. Whether plaited, wrapped or twisted into a bun, the latest hairstyles are perfect for busy mums. Choose the styles that you love and let your personality shine through. You’ll have the freedom to relax and spend time with your family, doing the things that you enjoy most.


When it comes to personal finance, Christmas does not need to weigh as heavily on you as it does on the great masses that enter the period unprepared and ill-disciplined. If you start planning now, you can help to significantly reduce costs this Christmas – and without sacrificing any festive cheer. And by staying ahead of the pack – apart from having some excellent savings to lean back on – you’ll also ensure that your credit score doesn’t get penalised, shielding yourself from the knock-on effect of further financial difficulties once the New Year begins.

As a general rule, it is important to remember that credit score is built up over several month or more and that the agencies tasked with setting your credit score reward you for behaviour that demonstrates you have a responsible attitude towards your finances. Months of disciplined spending – and a rising credit score – can all go to waste though if you slip up even once. For example, one late or missed credit card repayment can bring your credit score down by up to 100 points, undoing months of hard work. This is the danger that Christmas brings.

Top Money Saving Tips for Christmas

If you want to avoid falling into the same trap as millions of others this festive period, follow our Christmas money saving tips, below, to help navigate a safe passage through Christmas and enter January with your credit score intact – a fantastic foundation on which to build your future financial health.

Budget & stay disciplined

Most people who struggle financially at Christmas do so due to a lack of budgeting or a failure to follow their budgeting plans through – according to a Lloyds TSB survey, 41% of adults don’t budget at Christmas at all. Christmas budgeting doesn’t need to be overly complicated though. Take a piece of paper and make a list of all the people you want to buy presents for. Work out how much money you have and assign a specific amount to each person. It is also important to deduct spending money against any parties or events you plan to go to. Once you start spending – as long as you’re disciplined – this simple plan will let you stay in control, helping to protect your credit score as a result.

Shop online & use cashback sites

Aside from insulating yourself from the cold weather and avoiding the hordes of high-street shoppers, shopping online has some clear advantages. Most obviously, online shopping encourages a more disciplined approach to spending because it allows you to shop in a more emotionally detached manner and not be so prone to impulse buys. Use price comparison sites to research and locate the lowest price on each individual gift you want to buy. Write up your shopping list before you start and be methodical in the way you move through it, aiming to finish as quickly as possible without compromising on your research. Also, sign-up to a cashback site before you start as this will allow you to earn what is effectively free money on many of your purchases.

Try not to borrow but be sensible if you do & avoid store cards at all costs

You should try to survive Christmas without relying on credit and a smart way of doing this is to stagger some Christmas costs in the months preceding December. Otherwise, and this is a common issue faced at the end of the year, your entire December salary is likely to be eaten up by the extra demands that Christmas presents. If you do need to borrow though then it’s not the end of the world as long as you follow some basic advice, the most prudent of which is to never, under any circumstances, be tempted by store cards. Department store shop assistants can be very persuasive but store cards have whopping interest rate that will start to cripple you if you miss a payment, wrecking your credit score in the process. Instead, borrow at the lowest interest rates available to you and stay on top of repayments.

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  • Donna - I definitely agree to budgeting over Xmas, it’s just not worth getting into debt over xReplyCancel

I don’t know about everyone else, but as soon as Christmas starts approaching i become quite reflective on the year that has passed and find myself making plans for the one that lies ahead. Like many, at the start of the year i set myself what i thought were achievable goals and resolutions. I had failed at most of them within the first month, as i always do, but that’s ok because what really matters is that we are ending the year happy and healthy.

2014 has been kind to us.

Riley learnt to walk, which after a year of physio was nothing short of a miracle. We celebrated Harry’s first birthday, got engaged and moved in to our forever home. So, I may have failed and disappointed myself when it came to personal goals, but in hindsight we have achieved much more together as a family and i actually have a lot to be thankful for because life is pretty great right now and i feel like we are all in a really good place.

I believe strongly in fate, destiny and dream interpretation and read my horoscope religiously, so i guess you could say i’m one of those sensitive, spiritual souls. 2015 will be what it will be.

Having said that, i did visit a psychic recently and I know what you’re all thinking, it’s a load of old flannel and made up nonsense but for someone like me who thinks there’s more to the human existence than first meets the eye, psychic readings can prove extremely helpful in decision making and i’ve always had positive experiences with them. I think a common misconception is that they will predict your future, but what i’ve found is that the readings actually look at your past and where your path is taking you and offer you some sound advice based on that. They give insight and meaning.

Anyway, back to my original point, when i asked about 2015, she said a couple of things that really stuck with me and will be at the forefront of my mind going forwards:

  1. You’ve got 3 choices in life…give up, give in or give it all you’ve got
  2. If you want your children to turn out well spend twice as much time with them and half as much money. They will become what you are so be what you want them to be.

I can’t predict exactly what 2015 will hold for our little family but i know this much, they’ll be no silly goals or resolutions, no pressure on myself to hit ‘targets’, no working myself in to the ground and neglecting my children. Life is for living and every single thing, every single day happens for a reason. 2015 is all about family, enjoying my children and making it a happy and fun year to remember.

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  • Lisa H - I can’t believe we’re getting to that time of year where we look back on last year’s resolutions and consider next years! I have also visited a psychic or two in my time and whilst I don’t put too much faith in them I’m always interested to hear what they have to say.ReplyCancel


Dear Harry,

I know i say this every month but i have no idea where time is going. It feels like only yesterday you came in to the world and yet here i am writing your 15 month update.

This past month has been bittersweet for me because i am so not ready to say goodbye to my baby and yet the reality is that you really are not a baby anymore. You’ve graduated in to a fully fledged toddler. One that is growing and learning and exploring new things every single day. One that is feisty, tenacious and full of character. One that is fiercely independent and knows his own mind. One that really doesn’t need his mummy as much anymore. And that’s ok because as much as it hurts for me to let the baby within you go, i am excited to nurture the ‘little man’ you are fast becoming.


With your new skills has come a new found sense of freedom and confidence. Boy do you have confidence by the bucket load. And no sense of fear, sometimes you put yourself in situations that just literally make my heart leap into my throat. You are climbing on everything these days: chairs, tables, sofas, beds, you’ve even worked out that if you put the toilet seats down you can use them to climb up on to the bathroom cabinets. However, there’s also a sensible side to your fearless nature and you can pretty much get around the house, garden and up/down the stairs safely now.

One thing that still shines through from your personality is your cheekiness. I have honestly never met a cheekier little person in my life and everyone comments on it. You are always up to mischief and trying your luck at things that you know you’re not supposed to do. You always turn and glance in my direction with this huge grin across your face and then carry on and chance your luck anyway. You’re also a determined, sometimes stubborn little guy and boy do you know how to throw a tantrum when things aren’t going your way.

You are so steady on your feet now and practically run everywhere. You love playing catch with mummy and Riley and are desperately trying to kick the ball when we play football. This normally results in you falling flat on your tush but practice makes perfect my darling and i’m sure you’ll have cracked it by next month. All this exercise on your feet means you are sleeping better at night and you are also thinning out a little, but mummy sure does miss those cute, chubby baby rolls you once had.

Harry15monthsFood is still a major issue and i am at my wits end with trying to give you a healthy and balanced diet. You still refuse to be fed from or feed yourself with a spoon, preferring to use your fingers as you always have done and you will not eat fruit or vegetables of any kind. In fact the only things that do pass those lips are toast, chicken, fish, pasta, chips, chicken nuggets, biscuits, rice cakes, mince, sausages, roast potatoes, cheese, ham and eggs. That’s it. I’m hoping it’s some sort of phase and that if i keep offering the foods you will eventually try/eat them but i’m not holding out much luck. Your uncle was the same as a baby and is still the same way now but he’s also the fittest and healthiest person i know. Maybe you’ll be like him.


  • You are standing, walking and running everywhere.
  • You are climbing safely up and down the stairs and also on/off furniture.
  • You are playing catch and learning to kick a ball.
  • You are obsessed with your shape sorter toy.
  • You love watching In The Night Garden and Peppa Pig.
  • You can say: Mama, Dada, Nana, Hiya, Bye, Bath, More, Juice, Ta, Go. There’s probably more but that’s all i can think of right now.
  • You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and on occasions some of Riley’s 2-3 year stuff. Please stop growing, i can’t handle it.
  • You sing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ – the first line anyway! And you do the actions for it too. Of course, we do the crocodile version and you let out a scream at the end.
  • You love dancing to music and jiggling your bottom around.
  • You are enjoying reading ‘lift the flap’ and ‘touch and feel’ books.
  • You can brush your own teeth.
  • The bath is still your favourite place to be, you love kicking and splashing in the water.
  • You are building towers from your blocks


It’s been an incredible month watching you grow and learn and develop. You’re becoming the intelligent, independent and determined little boy i knew you were from the moment i first met you. I really am so very proud of you Harry. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day and my twinkling star on a dark night. You’re a ‘wild one’ for sure, there’s no mistaking that, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being mine.

Love from mummy xxx

  • Amy - So we know that being huge is definitely a second baby thing but it seems being a dare devil, climbing everything & giving Mummy’s a heart attack is one too! David too is climbing (and falling off…) everything right now. I don’t think my nerves can take much more.

    But seriously, 15 months? That’s mad. I do love his little outfit though. Your boys are so amazingly dressed lately! Very jealous of your style. xoReplyCancel

  • Sonya Cisco - He is so cute, love the top he is wearing too!ReplyCancel

  • Donna - He looks so grown up and I just love his superhero tee! It’s amazing how quickly they stop being a baby and turn into a proper little person instead. He is gorgeous! xReplyCancel

  • Globalmouse - Oh what a sweetie he looks! I think that transition from baby to toddler is SO hard – for us parents! I love your letter to him though, gorgeous sentiments.ReplyCancel

  • Sara - He has such an adorable face! It’s amazing to see what kids can do when they’re not even two years old..running, let alone walking? Wow!

    Sara | This Girl LovesReplyCancel

  • Annie @ Simple Wanderlust - Oh he is adorable! How lovely to write updates like this, I wish I’d done that when mine were younger as they grown and change so fast it’s hard to forget things xReplyCancel

  • Rachel - aw what a beautiful little boy he is, such a cute face xReplyCancel

  • Polly - He really is gorgeous! I love his top!ReplyCancel

  • - He can brush his own teeth??? That’s incredible at his tender age. It’s hard to see them grow up, but I bet he’ll need you for many, many more years to come.ReplyCancel

  • Katie @mummydaddyme - He is just STUNNING Vikki. If you were to describe a perfect baby boy in the dictionary I think he would be there- his eyes and little cheeks! Just so cute. And he is looking so grown up now. xReplyCancel

  • Little Miss Alba - Wow – it amazes me how much changes every month – you forget how quick they grow. What a gorgeous boy and hey you will master the whole food thing – you are getting everything else spot on x AxReplyCancel

  • Bex @ The Mummy Adventure - He sounds a lot like Archie, completely fearless and very able too. I do love cheeky little boysReplyCancel

  • Joanna Sormunen - What a lovely post! It is so hard to say goodbye to the baby. And then it’s hard to say goodbye to the toddler, and child. My son is a tween now and it’s so hard to accept he’s not a child anymore (opposed to a moody, young boy starting to fill-up with hormones, not an adult yet).ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Harry is so adorable Vikki :) You have such a lovely family xxReplyCancel

  • Lori - He is GORGEOUS! And I have had an on/off battle with food also, so I totally understand how you feel. It’s all about trying to sneak in the goodness in our house! xReplyCancel