Dear Riley – 1 Month Old

Dear Riley,
Weight: 3lb 12oz

Clothes Size: Tiny Baby (Up to 5lbs)

Nappy Size: Pampers Micro

Well you are officially one month old and what a month it’s been, especially as you are still meant to be growing and developing inside of mummy’s tummy. Your early arrival has had a huge impact on my life and i’d be lying if i said these first few weeks haven’t been a rollercoaster of emotions and mentally and physically draining. No mummy wants to be separated from their child or see them struggling and leaving you behind in the hospital every single day is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do.

You weighed a mere 2lb 13oz at birth and were wheeled straight off to NICU by nurses for further tests, assessments and observations. It was a full 2 hours before mummy and daddy finally got to meet you. You were all curled up in your incubator wired up to various monitors/machines and hooked up to drips. You looked so tiny, so fragile and yet so perfect and we fell in love with you instantly.

I find it hard to comprehend that you are actually here, i carried you inside of me for 30 weeks and now here you are, the tiniest little person i’ve ever seen out in the big wide world. The hospital might look like a scary place but you’re being such a brave boy and you are never alone, even when mummy and daddy aren’t with you there’s always a nurse standing by to look after you and i’m sure there are angels watching over you from above. One day when you’re bigger i’ll bring you back to meet these fantastic people who have been taking such good care of you and keeping you safe from harm. I thank them every day for keeping you alive and well.

I’d spend every moment with you if i could but it’s just not possible under these circumstances and i promise to make it up to you when you’re home. You’ve grown and changed so much over the past four weeks and have progressed from NICU to SCBU and now HDU, that’s the last room before home time. Not only that, but yesterday you finally came out of the incubator and into your own cot. You will never understand just how amazing that is to see. You’ve proved already how strong you can be and what a little fighter you are and you make me incredibly proud of you.

Keep growing, keep healthy, keep safe and come home soon Riley, everyone is desperate to meet you.

Love From Mummy xxx

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