Dear Riley – 2 Months Old

Dear Riley,
Weight: 6lb 1oz

Clothes Size: Early Baby (up to 7lbs)

Nappy Size: Pampers Micro

You’re now 2 months old and finally home where you belong. Although you celebrated your first Christmas in hospital, we had you with us in time for the new year and i couldn’t have wished for a better start to 2012. The nurses made Christmas Day a special one for you and we arrived to find that Santa had visited you overnight and left you a personalised stocking full of presents. These have all been tucked safely away in your memory box ready to share with you when you’re older.

You made fast progress during your last two weeks in hospital and it amazed me at how quickly you grew. Before i knew it, your nasal gastric tube had been removed and you were being solely fed by bottle. Although you were given mummy’s expressed breast milk up until this point, unfortunately i wasn’t producing enough to keep up with your demands and you weren’t gaining as much weight as the doctors had hoped so you were switched to a special high calorie formula specifically made for premature babies. It had an immediate effect and after ‘rooming in’ at the hospital with you for one night, you were discharged by your consultant on 30th December 2011. Those first 6 weeks of worrying, sleepless nights, x-rays, brain scans, daily trips to the hospital and numerous consultations were worth it just to hear 7 precious words from your consultant ‘your baby’s ready to go home now’. I knew there would still be a long way to go and further hurdles for us to overcome but i was elated and had an overwhelming sense of relief.

Bringing you home was both an exciting and daunting prospect. I knew how to look after you of course but to suddenly have the safety net of constant monitoring and a support network of nurses/doctors stripped away was very scary.

Daddy and i were now on our own.

Although you have grown significantly since your arrival,  in our eyes you are still so tiny and fragile and we worry constantly about whether you are drinking enough, warm enough or putting on enough weight. You pretty much sleep all of the time and wake for feeds every 3-4 hours. You love cuddles and bath time and are beginning to recognize our voices.

You have been inundated with cards, presents and visitors since being home and every one has been so eager to meet you. Thanks to your Great-Grandad, you have people following your progress from all over the world and it’s plain to see that mummy and daddy aren’t the only people who think you’re a very special little boy and love you dearly.

I tell you this all the time but i am incredibly proud of you Riley and thank my lucky stars every day that you’re here, happy and so far, perfectly healthy.

Love From Mummy xxx

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