Dear Riley – 3 Months Old

Dear Riley,

Weight: 8lb 4oz

Clothes Size: Newborn

Nappy Size: Pampers Size 1

How is it possible that you are already 3 months old? The last few weeks have been amazing and we’re adjusting to a day to day life at home. You still feel like a newborn to me and in a sense you are, but you’ve changed so much in such a short period of time. You are growing and filling out nicely now and we can finally put you in some of the many items of clothing you’ve been given since you were born.

You’ve had a few episodes of projectile vomiting and diarrhea this month which isn’t so pleasant for mummy and has resulted in numerous outfit changes (for me and for you!) and repeated washing cycles, but no one said it was going to be easy and it’ll certainly never be perfect so we keep on muddling through.

You’re an unbelievably happy, content and loving little boy and you’re very alert so like to take in everything around you. When you’re not sleeping, you love having cuddles with mummy and daddy and spending time in your bouncer. You’ve smiled on a couple of occasions but we’re pretty sure these are windy smiles and not proper smiles so we can’t wait for a real one to arrive.

You have a dislike for loud noises and waking up from naps, but don’t worry, we all get a little cranky sometimes and the good times with you definitely outweigh the bad.

Each day with you brings a whole new meaning of love into our lives and we feel blessed to call you ours.

As ever Riley, keep happy, keep safe and keep healthy.

Love From Mummy xxx

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