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As a twenty something first time mummy to a beautiful little boy i’m not too afraid to admit that i’ve found adjusting to life as the parent of a premature baby a little daunting and overwhelming at times. Becoming a mummy is scary enough without the added pressure and overload of information that comes with a 10 week premature baby. Having him taken away straight after birth and being seperated from him for 6 weeks was the hardest and most terrifying experience of my life and i’m just thankful that i had such incredible family and friends to guide and support me through it.

It makes every moment with him now that more precious and i want to be able to look back with him in years to come and remember every one. I want him to know what impact his arrival had on my life, how he changed me for the better and how incredibly proud i am of him every single day. As he grows, changes and develops before my eyes i am experiencing new things, overcoming hurdles, encountering more ‘firsts’ and capturing special moments all the time.

This is my little space to not only be me, but give you all an insight into our daily lives together, record his memories and milestones, voice my opinions, express my feelings and share my experiences of being a mummy for the first time. I hope to unleash my creative side with a variety of funny, inspiring, thoughtful and helpful posts for you aswell as guidance and reviews on products, classes and money saving tips.

I’m still learning the ropes, but i know that with a lot of hard work and tender loving care this blog will be everything i want it to be and i’ll eventually know what i’m doing.

So please, sit back, visit us regularly and enjoy!

Vikki xxx

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