Day 11/31 – List 15 Of Your Favourite Things

I have so many favourite things that narrowing it down to 15 is going to be a challenge in itself, but here goes:

  1. My Family – They are the most important aspect of my life and i’m blessed to have such a close and incredible relationship with all of them. Now that i have my own little family, i hope to pass on the same values to them.
  2. My Home – We moved into our new home last weekend and it is beautiful, far more so than i had remembered. It’s in the country, surrounded by woodland and we have our own garden (after leaving a flat, this is the best part!). What’s more, it’s situated a 2 minute walk away from my dad’s farm which is perfect and i hope Riley will grow up to experience the same things i did.
  3. Apple Products – We have iphones and an ipad2 in this house. I would be lost without either.
  4. Coca Cola – Addicted. I rarely drink anything else, which isn’t a good thing to say the least but i have to have my caffeine fix.
  5. Chocolate – I don’t have a sweet tooth and i’m not a desserts, pudding or afters person in the slightest but i do love a bit of chocolate.
  6. Pink Lilies – My favourite flower, i think they’re gorgeous.
  7. Chinese Food – Mmmmm Nom Nom! You can’t beat a chinese, a bottle of vino and some good tv of an evening. Just not every night lol.
  8. GHD Hair Straighteners – My hair is naturally curly and i hate it so would be utterly lost without my GHD’s. I straighten my hair pretty much every day.
  9. Blogging – I’m still fairly new to the blogosphere but it’s fast becoming my biggest passion and favourite thing to do. I’ve met some incredible people and made friends for life.
  10. Photography – I love taking photos, even more so now i’m a mummy and my camera comes everywhere with me. I love how you can capture a special moment and hold on to it forever. I hope to take a photography course some day soon and learn how to use my camera to its full potential and take amazing photos.
  11. Malibu – Yum, my favourite tipple. Malibu and coke on ice!
  12. My Car – I love the freedom of being able to leave the house, jump in my car and go wherever i please. It’s also a god send when trying to get a grumpy, whingy and crying baby off to sleep.
  13. Viva La Juicy – The one and only perfume i wear because it smells fantastic.
  14. My Merci Maman Bracelet –  Engraved with Riley’s name, nickname and date of birth. 
  15. Summer – my favourite season of the year. Warm sunny days, blooming flowers, ice cream at the seaside, picnics at the park and drinks in a pub garden. Heaven.
Vikki xxx

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