Day 14/31 – If You Won The Lottery…

What would i do if i won the lottery? Although the chances of this happening are slim as i can’t recall the last time i purchased a lottery ticket, i’ve often thought about what i would do if i were to win a substantial amount of money.
  1. Invest In Riley’s Future – First and foremost, i would invest in my sons future and put enough money aside to ensure he had a comfortable and happy life, but not to the point where he would be spoilt and not appreciate the value of things. Enough to cover expenses like driving lessons, his first car, university fees etc.
  2. Purchase Our Own Home – Mr B and i have just moved into a new house which is absolutely beautiful and will provide Riley with some great opportunities growing up. It has a huge garden, is surrounded by woodland and is a 2 minute walk away from my dad’s farm BUT it is rented accommodation and i would love for us to own a house outright so that we would no longer be throwing money away on rent or be tied down to a mortgage.
  3. Share With Family – I’m very lucky to have a close knit family and would do what i could to pay them back for their kindness over the years and ensure they were all able to live their lives comfortably.
  4. Travel  – I’m fortunate to have travelled to some fantastic locations already but there are still a few i would love to cross off the list including a safari in Africa, Maldives, Dubai and Australia. I would also like to take Riley to Disneyland Florida and my mum on a ranching holiday in Texas.
  5. Donate To Charity – I would donate a big sum of money to two charities that have been lifesavers to me since having a premature baby and they are Tommy’s Charity and Bliss Charity. I would also donate some money to the NICU at our local hospital because my son would not be here today if it weren’t for them.
  6. Create A Business – I’m not too sure what sector this would be in but i would set up and run my own business from home so i could be more independent and have my own income whilst still taking care of Riley.
  7. Get Married – This isn’t something that’s particularly important to me and i’ve always said i have no intention of getting married as it’s such a huge expense but if i could afford to without getting in debt, i would get married one day.
  8. Have Another Baby – I don’t want to have an only child so i would like to expand my family and have a brother or sister for Riley in the future.
  9. Buy A New Car – I have a new Vauxhall Astra which is a lovely car but if i could afford to splash the cash i would get a BMW X5 for me and a Range Rover for Mr B as they’re our dream cars.
Although i would love ALL of the above, i’m not a materialistic person and money doesn’t make me happy. As long as i can live comfortably and have a happy life filled with love, friendships and family that’s all that really matters to me.
Vikki xxx

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