Day 6/31 – Your 5 Senses Right Now

So we’re on day 6 of the challenge already, how is everyone else finding it? Are you all keeping up? 
As i’m in the process of moving house (yes, right at this minute) and have no access to broadband, the next few days worth of posts have been pre-written and scheduled to publish so i have fingers and toes tightly crossed that it’s all going to work. So, thinking ahead to what i imagine i’ll be doing on Sunday (today for all you lovely people reading this), here’s what my 5 senses are doing right now:
You can join in with the challenge at anytime and don’t have to complete one every single day, so if you fancy giving it a go or even just discovering some new blogs to read then head over to Boy Oh Boy now.
Please keep commenting, i may take slightly longer than usual to reply but will get back to you all as soon as i can!
Vikki xxx

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