Day 7/31 – Your Pet Hates

I have a feeling this could turn out to be a pretty long list, but any way here goes:

  1. Lateness – I don’t like being late for anything, it makes me anxious, i would rather be an hour early than 1 minute late. If you arrange to meet me at a given time, be there ON TIME. I don’t particularly enjoy rushing around to get ready, throwing on an outfit and leaving the house with my hair all over the place to be somewhere on time and then you, yes YOU swan in 20 minutes later looking a million bucks and ask if i’ve been waiting long. Erm….yes 20 minutes to be precise!
  2. People who can’t drive on motorways – Now, anyone that knows me well enough will know that i avoid using the motorway unless i really have to, but when i do, i find myself surrounded by idiotic drivers. It’s not rocket science, stay in the left hand lane UNLESS you are overtaking, others of us actually want to drive at a reasonable speed and get somewhere ON TIME.
  3. Poor manners – Something that really bugs me is people with no manners, in particular, those that can’t even manage a simple please or thank you. It’s just common courtesy. My niece is 3 and she can manage it perfectly every single time so why can’t you? 
  4. Know-It-Alls – There’s nothing worse than a know-it-all with their unsolicited and unwanted opinions, criticisms and helpful suggestions about my parenting. Who made them the expert all of a sudden? Do they know my child better than me? I think not.
  5. Drivers who don’t indicate – Seriously, did they not teach you what those two little levers on your steering wheel do in your driving test? They’re called indicators, you know the yellow flashing lights either side of your vehicle that indicate to me what f****** direction you are turning in, driving in, or leaving the roundabout at. I’m not psychic.
  6. Dog poo on the pavement – Come on people! If you’ve misplaced or run out of those little poop bags, atleast have the decency to guide your dog towards a wall, a kerb or grassed area. Anywhere, but that area of pavement that i have no choice but to walk through with my pushchair. That’s like me leaving my son’s dirty nappies on your doorstep. You just don’t do it.

    Ok, I have more but I think that’s enough ranting for one day!

    Vikki xxx

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