Dear Riley – 9 Months Old

Dear Riley,
Weight: TBC
Clothes Size: 6 – 9 Months
Nappy Size: Pampers Baby Dry Size 4
Well my darling, you may be 9 months old but you’re still my baby boy and not a day goes by where i don’t sit in awe of your beauty and count my blessings that you’re mine. Daddy and i continue to be amazed by the new things your learning and the little man you’re growing in to. You may be a mischievous and cheeky little monkey but you’re also the most happiest and content little person i’ve ever known, with the sweetest temperament and i wouldn’t want you any other way. 
Every morning i walk in to your nursery and find you so full of life, your blue eyes shining brightly at mine and your gummy smile beaming at me from ear to ear. This morning was different though, for the first time you put your arms out to reach for me and when i picked you up, you buried your head in my chest with the biggest smile on your face. My heart melted. I felt so loved and believe me Riley, feeling loved by you is THE best feeling in the world. This is the stuff dreams are made of…….If i could freeze one moment in time for all eternity, this would be it, nothing makes me happier. 
At 9 months (or 7 months adjusted) you’re still immobile and seem to have no interest in sitting up or crawling any time soon. We’ve been giving you lots of tummy time, sitting you on the sofa next to us, propping you up with cushions, feeding you in your bumbo seat and playing with you in your walker but you get pretty agitated with us after a short period of time so we’re not pushing you. We know you’ll do it in your own time and we’ll support and encourage you every step of the way.
That being said, your head/neck control and hand-eye coordination has improved no end and we’ve had a fantastic time with other milestones and firsts too. You said your very first word which was “dada” and and the look of pride on your daddy’s face when he heard it for the first time was amazing. “Mama” followed just the other day and i LOVE hearing that word from you. You also started giggling this month which i captured on video here and baby, you have the cutest little laugh that mummy could just sit and listen to for hours.
You have finally (and painfully) cut your first tooth! I don’t think you were particularly pleased or impressed about this and you made it known that’s for sure as mummy recorded in her Teething Monster post. We think you may be cutting your second tooth at the moment but you’re handling the pain much better this time round and finding great comfort in munching, chomping and biting away on your teether toys.
You’ve taken to weaning like a duck out of water and this month we’ve managed to cut down your bottles of milk to first thing in the morning and last thing at night and increase your intake of water and solid feeds during the day. You LOVE your food…..ALOT! Your favourites by far are mashed banana, carrot and sweet potato, fruity muesli and petit filous yoghurts.
You absolutely love being outside in the fresh air and with the warmer weather we’ve had this month we’ve been spending lots of time out in the garden and going for walks in the woods next to our house. You’ve also been playing lots with your big cousin Tia and i adore watching the two of you together. You’re blossoming relationship is beautiful to see and she refers to you as ‘her best friend’ which as your mummy and her auntie makes me feel so proud. 
I don’t know where the last 9 months have gone but i DO know that you have brought so much joy in to my life and make me feel complete. You’ve changed my life for the better and i hope one day you can understand just how much i adore and love you.
As ever Riley, keep happy, keep safe and keep healthy
Love From Mummy xxx

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