Riley’s First Tooth

After weeks of being a ‘teething monster’, i’m pleased to say that Riley has officially cut his first tooth!
(i feel like i should be shouting this from the rooftops)
If there was ever a time when a photograph to illustrate a post would be fitting, this would be it, but despite many glimpses of said tooth, the minute mummy gets the camera out his mouth closes tightly shut.

Riley’s had a visible full set of teeth just under his gums for a while now but  i was beginning to think he was the only baby on the block that wasn’t yet cutting teeth. However, after a week of being grumpy, irritable, dribbling and restless i knew it was only a matter of time before one decided to cut through. Last weekend, my suspicions were confirmed when running my finger along his inflamed upper gums with some bonjela i felt one sharp little pearly white poking through.

As with every milestone that he hits, i’m a sentimental mess but slowly coming to terms with the fact that my baby boy is indeed growing up. Way too fast if you ask me. I am as proud of that little tooth as a mummy could be of any accomplishment that her child may have in life. I can only imagine how ecstatic i’ll be when he brings home his first drawing from school or learns to ride a bike. I’m sure my heart will burst into a thousand little sappy pieces, and that’s ok, because while it’s bittersweet to have him maturing and growing up in every way, it’s also so gratifying and rewarding too.

Being a mummy is THE best.

Vikki xxx

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