See It! Snap It! Love It! – Sunshine

This photography linky is hosted by the lovely Lucy over at Dear Beautiful Boy . A weekly challenge to look for pretty things (within a set theme) and capture them for the world to see. The theme this week is ‘Sunshine‘.

Sunshine definitely has a positive effect on me and after what felt like endless months of rain, last week was finally sunny.

 And i’m not talking about a bit of brightness, but proper warm sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.
You could feel the mood change, there was something in the air.
Sitting out in the garden i could see people walking by in shorts, smiling and chatting away to one another in a world of their own.
It almost looked and sounded like Summer had officially arrived.

The early mornings seemed to start like any other, but with one tiny difference……SUNSHINE!
Yes, the sun rose into clear blue skies and there she was shining her rays through the many trees and branches all day and all week. Not a cloud in sight.

It was definitely an opportunity for me to venture outside with the camera and snap away.

If you feeling like having a go and joining in with the challenge yourself, then click the badge below and link up your post over at Dear Beautiful Boy.

Happy Snapping Everyone!!!

Vikki xxx

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