Dear Riley – 11 Months Old

Dear Riley,

Weight: TBC
Clothes Size: 6 – 9/9-12 Months
Nappy Size: Pampers Baby Dry Size 4

You are 11 months old (8 ½ months adjusted) I am starting to feel an intense need to press pause and hold on to all of the little moments which seem to be slipping by faster and faster with each passing minute. It seems like just about every day your daddy and I look at eachother and comment on how much you’re changing and growing into your own little person. It’s the most amazing thing to witness!

Your personality is evolving as you’re becoming more interactive and social. Though you have begun to express many different emotions, including anger and frustration, you are for the most part an extremely happy and smiley baby. You are such a sweet content little boy and we feel so lucky to have you in our lives.

You are still not sitting up and have no interest in doing so but you are now able to crawl/shuffle yourself forwards a few times and you’re also starting to try and stand unaided whilst holding on to something in front of you, usually your walker or the sofa.. Slow and steady wins the race as they say and we are getting there slowly. To me though, anything you do, no matter how little, is incredible and when I think about how far you’ve come in the last 11 months Riley, it astonishes me.

You are continuing to explore with different foods and believe me, you LOVE your food! I sometimes wonder where you put it all because you’re still so small and lean and hardly seem to put on any weight at all. Your favourites these days are: petit filous yoghurts, fruit (strawberries, apples, pears, bananas, mangos, peaches and grapes), muesli, cereal, chicken, lamb hotpot, spaghetti bolognaise and cheese puffs. We’re hoping to get you on chunkier food next month so you can learn to chew and try some new things.

You love books, especially those that have flip pages or textures .and your favourite one that mummy reads to you every night is The Very Humgry Caterpillar. You also love your toys, most of which end up in your mouth so I’m constantly having to clean and wash things, but the thing you LOVE THE MOST is Peppa Pig! Gosh, when that comes on the television, your head shoots round and your face lights up, I’ve even caught you giggling away to it on occasions which is the sweetest cutest thing..

You babble up a storm, saying mamamama and dadadada (though seemingly without any real meaning attached to it yet), as well as hissing like a snake (practicing your S’s) and occasionally saying nananana. Your little voice is so cute and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

We’ve had a record breaking month with teething as you now have 6 that have cut through but you’ve been a real trooper and hardly made any fuss at all. It is funny to see you with a mouth full of teeth when you giggle now but not quite so funny when you sink them in to mummy’s fingers. Ouch!

All in all, it’s been a good month and mummy has been busy planning and getting organised for your first birthday party next month. 1? Wow! Even now, you’re often mistaken for a newborn because of your size so I struggle to comprehend and accept that you will be 1 whole year the next time I write to you. No matter how big you get and how much you grow, you will always be mine and daddy’s baby boy and we love you dearly.

As every Riley, keep happy, keep safe and keep healthy.

Love From Mummy xxx

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