See It! Snap It! Love It! – Animals

This photography linky is hosted by the lovely Lucy over at Dear Beautiful Boy . A weekly challenge to look for pretty things (within a set theme) and capture them for the world to see. The theme this week is ‘Animals‘.

We moved in to our current home back in May and i said then how incredibly lucky we were to be living in a quiet little village surrounded by beautiful countryside and next door to my dad’s farm. Riley and i regularly go for strolls along the lane or down to the yard to visit the cows, sheep and chickens but did i also mention that my garden backs on to woodland? (we seriously have THE perfect home).

Now i love this time of year……… harvest is ending, the leaves are changing, there’s that crisp smell in the air……… and all of these elements seem to have brought a couple of furry friends in to our garden.

These two squirrels are busily preparing for Winter and have become our resident ‘wild’ pets, i was literally feet away from the one on the fence and it just sat staring back at me, totally not even phased by mypresence. I kid you not, all week these little guys have been walking backwards and forwards along our garden fence collecting and stashing away acorns in the surrounding trees.

Pretty cool huh?

If you feeling like having a go and joining in with the challenge yourself, then click the badge below and link up your post over at Dear Beautiful Boy.

Happy Snapping Everyone!!!

Vikki xxx

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