Guest Post – How To Decorate For Christmas

The family are coming round and so are the friends so the pressure is on to make the most of being a host. The first thing is appearance, yes it sounds vain but you want to make your home seasonal not senseless. 
Instead of buying new decorations why not find your old ones and decorate different areas of the house. It’s a hassle making space for them so use the one you have so far, interior curtain poles and light fixtures are great to decorate. You can just hang your Christmas baubles on as well as other decorations pieces.  With a piece of string hang your Christmas cards up on a wall to make your room more presentable.

They are not the cheapest thing to buy as you feel the need to tailor to everyone’s needs. Are you friends with everyone in the office? Then get involved in the company’s secret Santa and if they do not have one set one up. The reason it is convenient is that it everyone has a budget of £5-£10 so you do not need to max out on your credit card.  If you really are clueless about what to buy people then buy presents in bulks, raid charity shops or boutiques. Wrap the gifts up for friends and distance relatives, basically people who will never meet or have that Christmas conversation.

Not everyone wants to be that house which blinds any living creature, so do not be afraid to hold back. If you have a lot of plants and bushes outside your home then decorate wrap or net fairy lights around them.
Author bio: This post was written by Shehla Ali on behalf of Poles Direct who supply curtain poles. 

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