The Tablet Takeover

A few years ago not many UK households would have heard of a Tablet PC, let alone owned one but with an ever changing society and developments in technology a Tablet is fast becoming the must have item and I’m not referring to the pharmaceutical kind.  It’s not just businesses jumping on the bandwagon, families and even kids are being enticed, with new devices such as the Xperia™ Tablet offering users the ability to download various apps, play games and watch films.
The tablet is definitely my favourite invention when it comes to digital devices and perfectly bridges the gap between a smartphone and desktop PC. Forget handbags, my tablet has become my ‘must-have accessory’ and is used to watch films, access emails and social media accounts, organise my calendar, take and edit quality photos, blogging, shopping and more.
I think the future for Tablet PC’s is looking very bright indeed, especially as more powerful and innovative devices like the Xperia™ Tablet are making their way on to the market. Their effortless good looks and comfortable handling make it perfect around the home or on the move. They have all the power you need to enjoy your favourite media, apps and games without compromising performance so perfect for entertaining the kids on those long car journeys.

According to 2012 statistics though (see infographic below), only 33% of the population use theirs at home and only 30% use their tablet daily. I was actually quite shocked by this as I’m the complete opposite.

How does everyone else use theirs? 
Tablet Sony - Infographic
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