Aldi Mamia Blogger Event & Nappyometer Challenge

Last month i was invited to attend the Aldi Mamia Blogger Event being held in London and having never actually shopped in Aldi, i was keen to hear about their Mamia range of products and upcoming Baby and Toddler Events. I met up with Sammie from OneBlueOnePink on the train and we made our way to The Soho Hotel for an 11am start.

The location was stunning and the room was set up beautifully with a full array of Aldi products. Aldi has been in the UK for 18 years with 480 stores nationwide and I was amazed to discover that as well as selling their own Mamia range of nappies, wipes and toiletries they also sell branded products such as Heinz and Tommee Tippee.

Aldi Mamia Range

We were immediately welcomed by the team, given light refreshments and once all settled in, the session kicked off with a talk from Katie who is the main buyer for all of the baby products at Aldi. She explained to us how the company thoroughly tests it’s Mamia range against other leading brands and how they choose which products to include in their Baby and Toddler events. As a mum herself to two small children, it was clear to see that she understands the market and what we as parents expect, want and need.

What i really loved was hearing her talk openly and honestly about how the brand puts a real emphasis on the quality of its products, taking the time to get things exactly right and using a ‘no frills’ approach so that we get the best possible prices and savings at all times. The customer really is the main focus and at the heart of everything they do.

After a break for lunch (during which we were provided with some yummy sandwiches, cupcakes and scones) we then went on to discuss with Katie what we, as parents, thought of the existing range of products. In particular, if there were any areas we felt needed improvement and if there were any additional items we would like to see introduced to the range. It was great to listen to the other comments and engage with a supermarket who were taking customer feedback, suggestions and opinions so seriously. Interestingly, we learned that in the Summer, Aldi Mamia are looking to introduce some size 6 nappies, as well as some new and improved newborn nappies which feature a wetness indicator and an umbilical chord space. Katie also confirmed that they were looking into the possibility of reintroducing nappy sacks to the range.

At the end of the session, we were given a fantastic and very informative talk by the lovely Ryan from Transatlantic Blonde about the ever changing world of blogging and i came away with a wealth of tips that i plan to implement in my blogging and social media activity from now on.

Aldi Mamia Blogger Event

Aldi Mamia Nappyometer Challenge
Aldi have challenged us to swap our usual leading brand nappies to Mamia nappies for one month and let them know how we get on. We’ve been stocked up on Mamia Ultra Dry Maxi Nappies (Size 4) which i have to say are fantastic value for money, costing only £4.49 for a pack of 44.

After a few days use, i’m already super impressed as we have had no leaks or nappy rash but be sure to check back in a months time when i’ll be posting again to let you all know how the nappies shape up!

Aldi Mamia Baby & Toddler Event

If you fancy getting your hands on some Aldi Mamia products, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re holding a Baby & Toddler Event in stores nationwide from Thursday 30th May 2013, offering a range of must-have baby products at great prices. With everything from jumbo packs of nappies to clothing, sterilising equipment, strollers and bottles. They only hold these events three times a year so be sure to stock up on essentials and special buys for the family whilst you can.

Love Vikki xxx

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We were invited along to the Aldi Mamia Blogger Event and provided with a goody bag as well as a month’s supply of nappies for the purpose of the Nappyometer Challenge – Read My Disclaimer

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