Happy Belated 1st Blogiversary To Me!

I was going to act all calm and cool on my 1st Blogiversary, casually mentioning it, thanking my lovely loyal readers, then moving on to bigger and better things……BUT……firstly i then forgot all about it (i’m blaming the baby brain) and secondly i decided ‘Hell No’ it’s my Blogiversary and i’ll celebrate if i want to!
Excuse me whilst i put up a few balloons, blow out some candles and eat some yummy cake. Good times are meant for celebrating!
On 17th April 2012 i wrote and published my very first blog post on Love From Mummy. I had an audience of, oh, about 10 and i had no idea if my blog would ever be read by anyone outside my immediate family. Thankfully it was and you guys rock!
I didn’t know exactly which direction i wanted my blog to take, but I first started writing it because Riley was born prematurely and i wanted a place for family and friends to be able to follow his progress, somewhere to connect with other ‘preemie mums’ and a space to celebrate motherhood – even the crappy, mundane and not so fabulous bits. I wanted to remind myself, daily, of just how lucky i am to have been blessed with such a special boy and given the chance to play such a significant role in this little person’s life. 
Since then, my blog has grown and my posts have covered a variety of topics including family life, Riley’s firsts and milestones, letters to my son, product reviews, experiences, motherhood, days out and more. Now we have a new little person on the way and i have been able to record my pregnancy with Bump Diaries, something i heavily regret not doing the first time around.
This first year has been more than i ever thought it could be, i’ve met the most amazing people, made new lifelong friends, attended some wonderful events including Britmums Live 2012, received some incredible products to review and discovered what a great community there is among parent/lifestyle bloggers. It’s extraordinary – support, encouragement, advice and knowledge, freely shared by people i’ve never even met.  
A special mention must go out to the wonders that are Lucy and Katie. These girls are lovely, amazing, super talented and took me under their wing right from the very start of my blogging journey so THANK YOU! They are both exceptional photographers and beautiful writers so if you’re not following their blogs already, you REALLY should be! It’s also because of them that i bit the bullet and brought my very first DSLR camera this year and am developing a real passion for photography.
I don’t know what the future holds for Love From Mummy but i do know that there are many more exciting times ahead and i thank you all for sticking around so far. 
Love Vikki xxx

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