How Do You Choose The Right Baby Name?

Of all the milestones you encounter when preparing for the arrival of a baby, for me, choosing a name is one of the most loaded. It’s a HUGE responsibility and certainly isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

When i went for my 28 week growth scan a fortnight ago, i sat in awe at the grainy black and white image of my Baby Bee bouncing all over the screen and then the realisation hit me, he isn’t going to be my Baby Bee forever, he’s growing nicely inside of mummy’s tummy at the moment but in 10 weeks (or less), he’s going to be out in the real wide world and this little person is going to need a real name.

But, how do you choose the right baby name?

It’s hard enough finding something that i’m convinced i (and Baby Bee) will like for a lifetime, let alone getting Mr B to agree to it too. He and i have VERY different tastes when it comes to this matter, he prefers traditional names whilst i prefer those that are a little unusual, not whacky totally out there names but ones that are less popular. I had the last word when it came to choosing Riley’s name but i’ve passed the baton over to Mr B this time and he’s got the final say over Baby Bee’s name. Within reason obviously, i’m not relinquishing total control, oh no, they’ve still got to be run by me first.

Then there are other factors to consider:
Will it work with his surname?
Will it be suitable when he’s 40?
Will it go with Riley?
Is it different enough to stand out but normal enough not to cause him any grief?
Will it mould his personality or will he ‘own’ it?

All impossible questions to answer when he’s still growing, let alone thinking about creating a personality. I think until he’s here in person and we meet him for the first time, we won’t finalise any decisions, but there is one name in particular we are agreed on. And no, i’m not telling.

***Feel free to offer suggestions though so that i can work on Mr B!***

Anyway, if like me, you are pregnant and currently disputing with your partner over baby names, you’ll be pleased to know that Bounty has come to the rescue and compiled some rather interesting facts on the most popular baby names of 2012 in the UK and Ireland.

I’m very pleased to see that Riley is featured at #6 and our first choice for Baby Bee is also featured in the top ten.

How did you choose the right name for your baby? 
Baby Names Infographic from Bounty

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