Harry’s First ‘Smile’stone

For me, being a mum is a constant battle of wills – half of me is excited for my boys and willing them to reach the next stage of their development, to progress, to hit milestones, to learn new things and explore the world. The other half of me is willing them to slow down, to stay small and innocent and to take their time in growing up.

With Riley, i felt like i had all the time in the world and every day i had with him was a blessing, i got to enjoy the newborn stage for longer and because of his prematurity i quickly learnt to accept the fact that he wasn’t like other babies and that he would do things at his own pace, achieving milestones as and when he was ready. Now i know i shouldn’t compare the boys as they were born under VERY different circumstances but  it’s hard not too and Harry seems determined to grow up at a rate of knot.

 The ‘newborn’ stage with him is fading fast and time seems to pass in the blink of an eye, much to my dismay. But it does bring with it those all important moments and Harry has hit his first milestone.


That boy has a smile that can totally make my heart melt and overflow with love. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and is just as magical as it was the first time Riley smiled at me. It makes the morning sickness,  pregnancy aches, the painful contractions, stretch marks and sleepless nights ALL worth it.

Nothing can prepare you for it and there are no words to describe it, but there is no feeling in the world i love more than the feeling i get when my boys smile at me.

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