Heart of the Home – Five Essential Components of Your Kitchen

Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home
However lavish the rest of your home may be, family, friends and all manner of visitors will be keen to check out your kitchen. With this room being so frequently in use, it’s important to give its design some real thought, both in terms of style and functionality.

If you want to make your kitchen really stand out from others and make the right impression, take a look at our top five essential components.

1. Integrated appliances

In most kitchens, space is at a premium, making integrated appliances a real boon. Not only do integrated washing machines, cookers, dishwashers and fridges help to maximise physical space, they also ensure that sleek, clean lines remain intact, giving a further impression of greater space, as well as high-end style.

2. Granite worktops

Worktops are the centrepiece of any kitchen, playing an integral role in creating the right ambience. And cheap-looking worktops do nothing but devalue the effort invested in the overall design of your kitchen.

If you’re serious about creating a truly memorable kitchen, it’s imperative to invest wisely in your worktops. Opt for granite surfaces, which give off a stylish vibe, while also proving to be a cost-effective, long-term investment, owing to their inherent durability.

3. Breakfast bar

Every style-conscious kitchen needs a focal point and a sleek breakfast bar is the perfect choice. A breakfast bar is functional, giving you and your family a great place to enjoy meals together, while also making something of a style statement.

In addition to adding a granite worktop to the breakfast bar, consider choosing bar stools that are upholstered with bold colours; reds and dark blues work very well in contrast to darker coloured worktops.

4. Integrated wine cooler

If you’ve got children, fridge space is always at a premium in any kitchen, with shelf after shelf stacked to the rafters with all manner of foodstuffs. If you’re a wine connoisseur however, this presents you with the very real problem of where to store your favourite bottles of white wine.

An integrated wine cooler is the perfect solution. With space for more than 50 bottles of wine, an integrated cooler is a great space saver that also allows you to peruse your wine collection with ease.

5. Strategic task lighting

When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, lighting is all too often overlooked. Many homeowners are happy to make do with poor overhead lighting that makes it difficult to see clearly, especially during the darker winter months.

If you’re a budding chef and regularly find yourself carving meat with sharp knives, task lighting could not be more important. Instead of relying on overhead lighting, opt for hanging lamps in strategic locations where you are likely to be using dangerous implements – this will make the kitchen a much safer place for all concerned.

Planning is everything

With so much traffic passing through your kitchen, it’s important to plan your kitchen’s layout effectively. Before you purchase any new appliances, start picking colour schemes or installing new lighting, think carefully about where visitors will spend most of their time, as well as where you spend yours.

Style may be an integral part of your planning process, but it should certainly not lead to a compromise with regards to functionality; the most striking kitchens blend both, effortlessly.

Author: Kathryn Ward

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