A Nautical Inspired Nursery

A Nautical Inspired Nursery

A Nautical Inspired Nursery by vikkiholness 

One of the most amazing parts about expecting a baby is the planning and designing of the nursery. I wrote last time about a gender neutral woodland inspired nursery but today i’m focusing my attentions on a nautical inspired nursery for boys. If you’re after a clean, simple, trendy and timeless look, you can’t go wrong with a nautical theme and the traditional hues of red, white and blue are sure to be a firm favourite amongst little boys.

A nautical inspired nursery is perfect for babies as it creates a soothing reflection of the ocean/seaside and the use of pale neutral colours on walls often has a calming effect. Colour affects the mood in a room and helps to set the decorative tone so consider using whites and blues when painting and keep a feature wall clear to create an ocean/seaside mural.

Focus on beach-inspired accents such as seashells, anchors, lighthouses, beach huts and wooden sailboats. Opt for bedding and curtains with similar nautical images to tie in naturally with theme

There are some simple touches you can use to enhance a nautical theme such as incorporating natural materials like driftwood, fishing net and rope. Use driftwood to make a rustic-looking picture frame, some shelving or screw some hooks into a sanded piece and mount it on the wall for hanging things. Thick, natural-coloured rope is reminiscent of boats and sailing and would bring out the theme in a nautical baby’s room perfectly. You can use it to make simple curtain tie-backs, a door stop or decorate furniture by coiling rope around the legs, gluing it firmly in place for safety. Fishing nets can be hung in the corner of the room for decoration or as storage for soft toys and/or nautical accents like shells.

If you are looking for nautical wall art then get something from Saatchi or make something yourself by using deep box frames to mount/display small objects like wooden boats, plastic fish, ropes, shells and starfish etc.

The good thing about a nautical inspired nursery is that the theme can grow with your child, evolving over time as the furniture and bedding change.

What do you think of this look? Have you considered having a nautical inspired nursery for your little one?

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