Protecting Your Privacy Online

The internet is an amazing place and social networking is a global revolution, but using them carries a degree of risk including becoming a target for cyber-criminals. When you consider that there are people out there who will do just about anything to acquire your personal information, we really should be more cautious with what information we share and take better care to protect our privacy online.

More and more people are turning to the internet to conduct their personal affairs, whether it be online shopping, social networking, and job hunting or carrying out tasks such as renewing car tax, paying bills or filing a tax return. The internet has become an everyday part of life and doing things online can offer convenience but with a rise in the sharing of personal information comes a rise in the number of identity thefts and fraud claims.

As a blogger/freelance writer, I publish and share personal information and photos on Love From Mummy all the time. I refer to the boys by their real names. I check and update my social networks on a daily basis and yet I don’t really stop to think about where this personal information is ending up or whether I’m putting my children at risk. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have boomed in popularity over the past few years and I for one love the fact that they allow me to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, share opinions, photos and videos…..but once this information is on the internet, it’s there forever, for anyone to see.

This is actually quite a daunting prospect.

I know first-hand of friends who have had their identity stolen through disclosing too much information in their profiles on Facebook.

I’ve had mummy friends that have discovered other people using stolen photos of their babies and passing them off as their own – both situations were terrifying and inexplicable, but it’s a stark reminder of just how scary the real world can be and just how easily these criminal activities are done.

I don’t intend to stop writing life updates on the boys or sharing photos of them on the blog or social networking sites, but their safety is of utmost importance to me and I will be taking the necessary precautions to protect our online privacy from now on by limiting the amount of personal details I disclose publically online.

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  1. James (Daddy Space)
    12 December, 2013 / 7:21 am

    Its one of those thing you think, it will never happen too me ! I’m sat here now thinking it wont happen to me, yet tomorrow could be the day you realise and all of a sudden that dark world seems very close.

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