Essential Technology Every Household Should Have

Virgin Media

Try as we might to get away from all-pervasive technology, it plays a pretty essential role in our everyday lives – from how we entertain ourselves and work, to sorting out the day to day practicalities. While we’re far away from a Jetsons-family style house that’s packed to the brim with fancy gadgetry, there’s lots of useful – and fun tech wizardry that should definitely be on your must-have list for the family. Here are some of the top techy picks you really shouldn’t be without.

TV you can control

For a while there, we thought that the golden age of family-time TV was long dead and gone. Everyone seemed content with their own TV in their own room – it was a enough of a miracle not to have to fight over the remote for once. But as technology allows us to take control of how – and when – we watch our TV, it’s also helping families regain those blissful short moments when everyone can get together to catch up with something they all enjoy. Virgin’s power of the network helps households shape the TV guide to suit them – letting everyone catch up on a top series, watch a live finale together – wherever they are in the world – or record favourite shows, even when nobody’s at home.

Smarter smartphones

There’s an app for everything these days, but instead of cluttering up the latest shiny smartphone with a million and one useless things, it’s time to get smarter with our smartphones. Turns out they can do a lot more than help us catch up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds – smartphones can be pretty handy at helping us run a tight ship at home too. A Virgin media household can use the power of the network to do a surprising number of things – from recording shows you don’t want to miss, to setting the central heating going, so that it’s nice and toasty by the time you get home. All that’s missing is an app to get dinner sorted out for you when you walk in the door.

Superfast internet

Waiting half a century for a video from your great Aunt in Perth to load up is simply not on – and with superfast broadband speeds available these days, you shouldn’t have to, either. Broadband speeds have got faster and more reliable – and are set to improve even more in the near future. With less time spent hanging around waiting for time-consuming downloads, you can get on with the things you really want to do – whether it’s watching a new movie, or helping kids to buckle down and finish their homework. Rapid wireless speeds means that you no longer need to dedicate a fixed computer for the “big” jobs like downloading and uploading movies – now nobody has to face a sluggish internet connection, wherever they are in the house.

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  1. 7 January, 2014 / 8:25 am

    I wish we had super fast internet!!! haha xx

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