Newborn Clothing Essentials

Newborn Clothing Essentials

When i was pregnant with Riley, i was pretty clueless when it came to choosing those all important newborn clothing essentials. To look around some of the shops, you would think that babies couldn’t manage without an endless supply of clothes and accessories and as a first-time mum, i went completely overboard when it came to picking out items for his first wardrobe. Big mistake, because during those first 6-8 weeks, all they really need are their basic needs met – to eat, be kept clean and warm, and to be loved.

So, when it comes to newborn clothing essentials, keep purchases to a minimum because these are only a few key pieces you really need:

  1. Bodysuits/Vests – These are the foundation of any outfit and provide an extra layer of warmth for your baby. Look out for bodysuits/vests with poppers for quick access during nappy changes and wide envelope necks that are easier to get over your baby’s head.
  2. Sleepsuits – Sleepsuits are perfect for newborns when they spend a lot of their time sleeping as they are comfortable to wear and can be worn both at  night and during the day. As young babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, opt for pure cotton fibres that have natural thermal properties to keep your baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
  3. Cardigans – They are the ideal little accompaniment for any outfit and add a much needed layer of warmth for your baby. Why not get the nana-to-be involved by knitting a cardigan with an easy pattern from somewhere like Cosy Wool for a garment that has a more personal touch?
  4. Jacket or Snowsuit (Winter Only) – Even if the only time your baby will venture outside is to travel from the house to the car and back again, a jacket or snowsuit during the Winter months is essential to keep them dry and warm from the elements.
  5. Cotton Hats – Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so invest in a couple of cotton hats to help keep the warmth in their bodies.
  6. Pairs of Socks – Baby socks or booties will serve to keep little toes warm
  7. Scratch Mittens – Babies are born with nails that are thin and soft, but they are, however, capable of scratching, so put cotton mittens on their hands while sleeping or purchase sleepsuits with integral mitts. Do not leave the mittens on all day though because babies need to be able to explore and touch things to learn about their environment.

That’s it! Those are the key newborn clothing essentials you need and remember, new babies are messy and they poop…alot…you could be changing them several times a day so be sure to select outfits with poppers and easy access for nappy changes.

Also, babies grow at a rate of knots, so it pays not to spend too much money on lots of outfits in the smallest sizes because you will find that your little one grows out of newborn clothes very quickly. With Riley this wasn’t the case as he was so premature and wore newborn clothes for months, but certainly with Harry, we were given so many beautiful clothes and most went unworn because he had outgrown them by the time i went to put him in them. It’s hard to predict what size clothing your baby will need at first so i would recommend buying items in 0-3 months+ so that you get more wear out of them.

Finally, clothes should be made from fabrics that are kind to your baby’s delicate skin and easy to take care of – you won’t have much free time on your hands, so it’s best to avoid things that need washing by hand or ironing!

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  1. 28 January, 2014 / 7:36 pm

    Wish I hadn’t rushed to put my girls in “grown up clothes” now – just love babies all soft in baby sleepsuits…

  2. Tracy Nixon
    17 March, 2014 / 5:46 am

    Thanks for sharing the tips! Good advice too!

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