Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Dental Hygiene

Childrens Dental Hygiene

As parents, we understand the benefits of paying attention to our dental hygiene. Our children, however, do not. We have to train them, ingrain particular habits into their behaviour and routines until they come to the same understanding. Since this is easier said than done, here are some suggestions to help you get your kids excited about their dental hygiene.

Model Good Behaviour

This first step won’t necessarily get your children excited about brushing their teeth, but it will reinforce in them the need to develop a good habit. When they see you brushing your teeth daily, it creates a huge impression on their minds that this is a life-long habit that Mom and Dad follow. The happier you appear as you brush your teeth, enjoying the feeling of a clean mouth and smooth teeth, the more likely they are to find brushing a pleasant experience.

Make Toothbrushes Fun

Fortunately today’s choice in toothbrushes goes well beyond picking a blue toothbrush over a pink one. You can find character brushes that range between princesses to super-heroes. These are toothbrushes your children will be excited to use. And when the time is right, the selection of electric toothbrushes is just as broad. For the cost of a battery, you can engender a great deal of enthusiasm into the daily routine of a child. But don’t feel pressured into the next Scooby-Doo toothbrush; kids still enjoy knowing that the purple toothbrush is all theirs.

Getting kids excited about dental hygiene will set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. It will also help cut down on potential costs associated with dental procedures. This infographic about NHS dental pricing sheds light on the field, and the costs that accrue for specific procedures.

Stories and Examples

Instead of trying to explain how sugar weakens the enamel of the tooth allowing bacteria to eat away at it, a simpler explanation is that we need to brush our teeth or the “sugar bugs” will make holes in our teeth. Simplistic, but the idea is easily understood. Make it clear to them that good dental hygiene will prevent more painful dental procedures being necessary in the future.

Another excellent demonstration of the importance of taking regular care of their teeth is to pick up a dissolving agent. You can find these at pharmacists’ counters or at your dental office. By chewing on these red tablets, a pink colour will stick to the plaque on their teeth. This simple exercise will clearly illustrate how important it is that they brush regularly, and that they do a careful job of it as well.

Fun with Flossing

Flossing is bit trickier to teach children and requires greater dexterity for them to properly perform. Fortunately, there are some fun products you can teach your children with. For example, you can buy flavoured floss. Children are taste-oriented, so finding a flavour they enjoy could go a long way toward encouraging them to floss regularly. There are also floss picks or “kid flossers” which children can more easily use. The flossers are more easily manipulated in the back of the mouth between teeth than traditional floss. They too come in fun character shapes your children will enjoy.

Positive Experiences with the Dentist

There’s no reason your children should be afraid to go to the dentist. Keep it positive when talking about going to see the dentist. Take them for the first time when they’re still young, 2 to 3 years old. Have them get to know their dentist and feel comfortable with him. Praise them for their good attitude while in the chair, and see what programs the dentist has to make the experience fun. Many dentists offer prizes or toys at the end of the visit. You might also reinforce the experience by promising your child something after the visit – a trip to the park, or a treat of some kind – but make sure they brush their teeth afterwards!

Dental hygiene is important so start these habits from the moment that your kids first get teeth. Like so many good habits we have as adults, some things just become routine, and we continue to do them because it’s what we have always done. Good dental hygiene can be one of these things.


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