Online Learning For The Stay At Home Mum

mum and baby at laptopBeing a stay at home mum is a full time job, but many mums are interested in working from home in order to keep their skills up to date so they can re-enter the workforce once the children are in school. Online education can be a way of learning new skills or staying current in your field without taking time away from your family.

Online courses are typically structured so that you can study when it’s most convenient to you, such as when the kids are napping or in the evenings. Instructors post lesson plans and assign homework, but you don’t have to commit to a certain time or place as long as you complete assignments on time.

Work at Home Mums

There is an increasing trend in the past 20 years of more women becoming work at home mums, a direction supported by changes in culture and technology. The first step in planning to work from home is to examine your interests and skills. Job possibilities range from accounting to blog writing to more traditional paths such as medical transcription. If you are a skilled crafter or have an artistic talent, you can create an online store or participate in a marketplace like Etsy. You could also create a storefront for products using your own site or through sites like Amazon or eBay.

There are many more possibilities, and many blogs, podcasts, and books that are devoted to the subject of creating an online business. The key factor to realizing these possibilities is being at least a little tech savvy, which is where online classes come in. See more information on courses that you can easily work into your busy home schedule.

University Courses

Choosing to finish your bachelor’s degree or pursue a new direction can help you get a better job when you decide to go back to work. Online learning can be more affordable than tradition campuses, in addition to the scheduling benefits listed above.

Many traditional programs offer some courses online but you’ll probably have more flexibility at an online college. These colleges are accredited just like their traditional counterparts. The starting point for determining if a program is right for you will be to reach out to an online college admissions counsellor. They should be able to describe the structure and requirements of the program and give you an idea of what to expect.

Ask the counsellor if you are able to transfer credits from previous work you did in other universities. Additionally, some online universities offer “life credits” for up to 25 per cent of required credits. These are awarded based on professional work experience relevant to your degree which means that you may be closer to a degree than you think.

Whether you are seeking to earn a degree, start a new business, or keep your resume up to date, online learning can be a great way to improve your future without sacrificing time with your family.

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