Fun in the Sun | Outdoor Activity Ideas for the Family

Outdoor Activity Ideas For The Family.jpgIn an age of electronic entertainment and obsession, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to drag the family away from their laptops and smart phones and get them outside for some invigorating fresh air and wholesome fun. Yet with persistence, preparation and some great ideas, it can be achieved! Read on to discover several ideas to get your family out in the sun – just remember to be sun smart!

A Barbeque

It’s a good excuse to buy a new barbeque so get over to and invest in a new one – it’s for the family! Everyone loves a grilled vegetable stack or a juicy hamburger, so bust out the barbeque, hide those gadgets and devices, and lure your family out with the delicious scent of a roasting and grilling session.

Arrange a Treasure Hunt

Send your family on a wild chase all around the garden, neighbourhood and beyond with a set of crazy clues that will inevitably lead them back to where they started. Getting everyone out and about, stretching their legs and using their brains will result in big laughs, bonding and healthy exercise. What more could you ask for when it comes to quality family time?

The Beach

It’s hardly an original idea but it takes some beating. It also has the benefit of being made up of sand and water; two things that most electronic devices can’t stand. Leave those electronics in the car and grab your towel (you’re still being sun smart, right?) and get down to the beach. Be sure to take Frisbees, footballs and boogie-boards to engage the entire family in some beach-based fun. The possibility that they’ll moan at the start is high but once they’re engaged, it will be a great. That’s a promise.

A Nature Walk

Not dissimilar to the beach idea, a nature walk may well invoke a lot of groaning and moaning but when you’ve herded everyone into the car and got them to the great outdoors, it will be fantastic. Always take plenty of water, sun-screen and insect repellent. Remember to also stick to the designated trails; no one in your family will thank you for getting them lost in the woods at night. The sheer beauty of the woodland cannot be beaten and your family will certainly treasure the memories for years to come.

The Park

It’s easy to forget that there’s probably a public park just down the road from where you live. Like a trip to the beach or a nature trail, be sure to take sun-screen, water and most definitely a picnic. You could even get a small portable barbeque and go for the day. Take blankets and spread them under the trees; take it in turns to tell stories. Bond again with the entire family. It will be beautiful.

How do you get your family involved in outings? What sort of resistance or challenges do you face? How often do you get out as a family unit? Share your tricks and tips for a great day out by commenting in the section below.

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