Simple Hairstyles For On The Go Mums

Hair Styles For Mums

Let’s face it; hours spent in front of the mirror are over. Now days, it’s runny noses, spilt milk, breakfast on the fly, and out the door. That being said, as a Mum on the go you still want to look your best. Adding a few easy hairdos is a must, and the following ideas are picture-perfect for busy mums! 

The Scarf Wrap

A scarf wrap is simple and pretty. One of the easiest ways to enhance your look is by wrapping a colourful scarf around your hair. When you have just minutes to spare, a scarf-wrap all but guarantees that you will look put-together, and you’ll save time by not having to wash your locks every day. Moreover, scarves are inexpensive accessories that mix and match with all your outfits. From street style to semi-formal eveningwear, gorgeous scarves are some of this year’s hottest items.

Simple Ponytails

Next to the scarf wrap (or in combination) ponytails are contemporary and fun. As one of the simplest hairstyles to create, they look great with almost everything. Not only are they easy and practical around the house, sleek ponytails are great for workdays and while out with your family. If you need to straighten the kinks, products such as those at Mynava offer simple solutions for unruly hair.  To complete the style just add a headband, a scarf, hat, or a hairclip, and you’ve got instant panache. Twist it, poof it, and go.

Plaiting and French Braiding

French braids and fashionable plaits offer simple and attractive way to style your hair. Just go online and find step-by-step instructions for braiding. Or, use a braided hairpiece and wrap it around your ponytail or bun. While the look takes just minutes to create, you’ll appear neat and youthful. Plaits look great with this year’s reinvented ‘Bohemian’ style, and they’re one of the easiest ways to look beautiful… year round. 

Buns Have Been Reinvented

In recent months, the bun has been reinvented. Today’s buns are worn in countless ways… all easy to create, simple to manage, highly fashionable and casually chic. Smooth your hair back and create a tight ‘ballet bun,’ add braids and side-twists, or sweep your hair into a ‘messy bun.’ All of these styles are suited to a busy life on the go!

Straight Hair

Finally, this season, supermodels and celebrities have clearly shown the fashion world that it is perfectly acceptable to go natural. Wear your hair strait, in layers, parted down the middle, or arranged on the side. These are all easy and convenient ways to wear your hair. Bringing back looks from the 1960s and 70s, feminine and carefree clothing styles match up beautifully with these effortless hairstyles. Whether plaited, wrapped or twisted into a bun, the latest hairstyles are perfect for busy mums. Choose the styles that you love and let your personality shine through. You’ll have the freedom to relax and spend time with your family, doing the things that you enjoy most.


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  1. Donna
    25 November, 2014 / 10:35 pm

    It’s times like this I wish I had long hair!! x

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