How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

There must have been something in the water a few months ago because no matter where i look at the moment, there are pregnancy and baby bump announcements popping up everywhere. They are leaving me a little bittersweet if i’m honest, although i’m obviously excited for all of my friends, it does tug on my heartstrings as i’m 99.9% certain that Harry is my last baby.

When i was pregnant with Riley i announced the pregnancy to friends and family on Facebook with a photo from my 12 week scan. It was nothing special, just a handful of photos and a small sentence mentioning that we were becoming parents. I think the news came as quite a shock, to us as well as everyone else, because a) i was taking the pill and b) Mr B and i had only been ‘courting’ a month when i discovered i was pregnant. Never the less, it was still a very welcome surprise.

I didn’t document any of Riley’s pregnancy, which is something i greatly regret now. Although it was a difficult one full of complications (I lost his twin at 9 weeks, suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum throughout, developed pre-eclampsia towards the end and eventually a ruptured placenta led to him being born 10 weeks prematurely), i wish that i had something to look back on. When we found out we were expecting Harry, i knew that i wanted to document the pregnancy through the blog, so i came up with a creative way to announce that ‘our family was growing by two feet’ and wrote fortnightly pregnancy updates.

Pregnancy Announcement

My advice to first time parents wanting to share their wonderful news is to make sure that you’ve told your immediate family and close friends first and also wait until you’ve had your first scan, before splashing it out all over social media. Also bear in mind that your news may be hard to hear for a couple who are struggling to conceive or have recently lost a child – i would suggest telling them in person before making any big announcements so that the news doesn’t come as a shock and is easier for them to digest.

I loved announcing my pregnancy to the world, it made it feel real and ‘official’ somehow. I could finally stop trying to hide my growing bump and start openly talking about it all, stocking up on baby essentials and shopping for cute newborn clothes.

Speaking of shopping, becoming a parent is such a magical experience but knowing what to buy for your baby can be incredibly daunting. If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed by it all, Marks and Spencer have come up with the perfect solution and launched M&S Baby, a dedicated one-stop baby shop where newborns can have everything they need for their start in life. It combines nursery furniture with home accessories and lighting, alongside own-brand fashion and a carefully edited range of products from eight top external baby brands.

How did you announce your pregnancy? Did you do it in a fun and creative way? 



  1. Donna
    6 February, 2015 / 10:10 pm

    I love pregnancy announcements and love all the quirky photos – yours is gorgeous! x

  2. 9 February, 2015 / 9:13 am

    Vikki, this is just the sweetest OMG!
    I hope I can be as creative when we decide to have our 2nd baby.
    Thanks for sharing hunny

    Charlotte x

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