Choosing The Right Baby Name

Of all the milestones you encounter when preparing for the arrival of a baby, for me, choosing a name was one of the most loaded. It’s a HUGE responsibility and certainly isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

When i was pregnant with the boys they had nicknames throughout, Monkey for Riley and Baby Bee for Harry. I had a gut instinct from the start of both pregnancies that i was carrying boys and when this was confirmed at my 20 week scans the realisation hit me that these babies needed names. I remember sitting in awe at the grainy black and white images of my babies bouncing all over the screen and imagining what they would look like and be called when they were out in the real wide world.

But, how do you go about choosing the right baby name?

I found it hard enough finding something that i was convinced i would like for a lifetime, let alone getting Mr B to agree to it too. He and i have always had VERY different tastes when it comes to this matter, he prefers traditional names whilst i prefer those that are a little unusual, not whacky totally out there names but ones that are a little less popular. I had the last word when it came to choosing Riley’s name but i passed the baton over to Mr B the second time around and he had the final say over Harry’s name.

But it’s such a huge job and there are so many factors to consider:
Will the name work with their surname?
Will it be suitable when they’re 40?
Will it go with any siblings names?
Is it different enough to stand out but normal enough not to cause them any grief?
Will it mould their personality or will they ‘own’ it?

All impossible questions to answer when your baby is still growing, let alone thinking about creating a personality. I think until your little person is here in the real world and you meet them for the first time in person it is impossible to agree on and ‘finalise’ a name.

Anyway, if you are pregnant and currently disputing with your partner over baby names, you might want to use Co-Op’s Baby Name Peace of Mind tool which allows you to search baby names and get an overview of the achievements of adults with that name. “Riley” is a medal of honour recipient and an olympic winner, but is also named after a tropical cyclone. “Harry” is a classic author and nobel prize winning name that has won 53 Olympic medals, but it is also the name of 2 soap opera villains.

It’s a quirky and unusual way to find out interesting and fun facts about a potential baby name, such as the baby name being common among notorious crime bosses, or Nobel peace prize winners. 

How did you choose the right name for your baby?



  1. 22 July, 2015 / 10:22 pm

    Before he was born, we had decided on the name Jack for son1. But we looked at him and it just didn’t seem right. So his hospital name band just had the surname on it. Took a couple of days to agree on a new name, but I’m glad we did change our minds.

  2. 22 July, 2015 / 10:49 pm

    we still haven’t 100% agreed on a name, boys names are soo much harder than girls name! May have to check this website out for some guidance xx

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