Would You Go On Holiday Without Your Children?

It’s official – school’s out for Summer and while most families are preparing to jet off to warmer climates or holiday at home and explore the UK, a recent survey by an online voucher code website has revealed that 22% of parents would like to holiday without their children.

The survey conducted by My Voucher Codes was devised to find out the travel preferences of adults aged over 18 on the UK. They asked 1024 respondents (both male and female) if they had children. Those who had children were then asked: “Would you rather spend holiday with your children or without them?” – 22% said they would rather travel without their children, whilst 51% said they would rather travel with their children. Meanwhile 27% would be happy to travel with their children however they would like to have the opportunity to go away without them.

I mentioned last week, that we’ve just booked our first ever family holiday for September and we are all super excited about it. The idea of going on a holiday without the boys is something that has never really crossed my mind and to be honest, why would it? When you make the decision to become a parent, you are, by large, giving up a part of your freedom. You have these little lives that you are solely responsible for and yes they can be demanding, yes they can be hard work, yes at times they can make you want to literally pull your hair out and scream in frustration but they are your children, your sacrifice, your world and their needs always come first. For me personally, I find the idea of going on holiday without them an incomprehensible and purely selfish one. Even though they’d be with family, I would be worrying and feeling like a piece of me was missing the whole time.

Mr B and i are currently planning our wedding for next year and one of the main questions that seems to come our way is “well you must be SO excited about being able to go on a honeymoon without the boys around to ‘bug’ you?”. The answer quite simply is NO. We’ve already agreed that any holiday after the wedding will be a ‘familymoon’, one that the boys are a part of, because they are a HUGE part of our lives and our special day for that matter. I’ve never spent more than 1 night away from them and the thought of jetting off somewhere for 1-2 weeks without them just fills me with dread and guilt.

Obviously i know that not everyone will have the same view about this subject as i do, so to gage a better understanding i posed the question to some bloggers and friends; “Would You Go On Holiday Without Your Children?” and there were mixed responses:

Kerry – Personally i couldn’t with them being this young. I’d feel guilty that they would be missing out and of course i’ve never left them longer than a day so would be worrying the whole time. Maybe when they’re older.

Nicola – I don’t really know. I mean a night away is alright but to have like 2 full weeks away from them. I’m not sure. Why would you bother having kids to just leave them and go off on holiday?

Charlotte – I would totally do it but only for a week. Although if we didn’t live with my parents, i wouldn’t want to leave him with anyone else, so in that sense my answer would be no.

Sarah – I would do just a weekend break somewhere cheap on my own and then take any main holidays with the kids. Job done. If they are with grandparents, they will also benefit a lot from that time with them.

Lucy – We went to Nepal and Turkey without our two children (under 10yrs) last year. It was awesome.  Kids get your attention all year, they can take a back seat for a couple of weeks a year.

Michelle – Never in a million years. My kids drive me up the wall half the time but I wouldn’t be without them. To me, holidays are family time. Each to their own, but child-free holidays are not for me.

So, would you go on holiday without your children?



  1. 27 July, 2015 / 12:11 pm

    A night away or a weekend at a push maybe but I wouldn’t consider a holiday without my children. I would miss them too much to enjoy myself. Besides which, I actually love going on holiday as a family! My parents used to go away on holidays without me and although I used to be fine with my grandparents I always used to feel really left out. I couldn’t understand why they needed that time away from me I really wasn’t that bad! But in all seriousness a fortnight feels like an awfully long time for a child. I could never do that to mine. Horses for courses though, eh?

  2. 27 July, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    I totally agree with you on every count. I cannot go on holiday without my children. I am not even talking about kids younger than 10 years – my kids are already teenagers. But still, I can’t bring myself to being away from them for even just a week.

    My hubby and I never went on a honeymoon because we couldn’t afford it back then. But even now that we could easily fly off somewhere for a rather long-overdue honeymoon, I still can’t bring myself to do it. I will just be worrying all the time.

    Well, maybe another two years for me and then, perhaps, I can do it. 🙂

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