How To Look Younger Without Surgery

According to a recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 15.6 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed last year in the USA alone. More accessible and more acceptable, these types of surgery are quickly becoming the norm in the US, a trend that’s also rapidly accelerating all around the world.

A great example of this is Seoul, South Korea, where between one fifth and one third of women have had a procedure done. It’s a scary number that’s only revealing the extreme popularity of the quest for ageless beauty.

Plastic surgery owes much of its success to the long list of high-profile celebrities constantly going under the knife, but the procedure should never be taken lightly: accident and scars can occur and results are more than often irreversible.

If you’re looking for something less drastic and permanent, non-invasive procedures are all the rage in cosmetics at the moment. There are now more and more options available to appear younger without having to go under the knife. Here are a couple great examples.

Double chin no more

One of the first aging signs, a double chin can start appearing year after year as face muscles tend to slacken with age and fat cells are stored in the area. The face looks heavier and aged considerably. It’s quite hard to get rid of once set and for that reason, it’s also one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.

To get rid of a double chin, plastic surgery isn’t the only way. Facial exercises are known to noticeably reduce it by making neck muscles more firm and tonic. A bi-daily massage of the area with a firming up cream is also recommended. Finally, losing weight can also contribute to lessen the double chin aspect without having to undergo a liposuction procedure.

Instant eye-lift

Droopy or sagging eyelids usually intensify with age. Surgical eye lifts are among the most popular procedures after liposuction and can take years off one’s appearance.  Less drastic alternatives to improve the area include first and foremost a healthy lifestyle: plenty of sleep and water, and avoiding ingesting too much salt can significantly reduce the condition. Make-up can also freshen up the eyes and make them appear much more youthful.
When this isn’t cutting it, you can also opt for something a little costlier but without the dangers and permanent results of plastic surgery. Injectables are getting more and more popular: fillers are injected in the skin to add volume and erase wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Laser techniques are also sometimes used to help soften areas where the skin is thinner.


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