Time To Party With Ben And Holly

You may have noticed there’s a shiny new badge in my sidebar – if you haven’t then i’m pleased to announce that i’ve been chosen as an ‘Official Ben And Holly Blogger’, a role i’m particularly thrilled about as we absolutely adore Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom in our household. The boys watch it every day and i’m pretty sure i’ve seen every single episode, at least twice. For any of you unfamiliar with the show, it is an animated pre-school children’s television series set in an enchanted magical kingdom with fairies, elves and insects. BHLK Mummy Blogger logo

So, what does being an “Official Ben And Holly Blogger” entail? Well, it means that i will be bringing you the latest news, crafts, games, toys, recipes (straight out of Nanny Plum’s kitchen!), themed activities and more, so make sure you stick around as there’s lots for you and your little ones to get involved with too.

Challenge #1 Ben and Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party

To celebrate the launch of the show’s new FREE Elf and Fairy Party app and a new Elf and Fairy Party DVD featuring 10 delightful episodes, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is inviting us and you to join in with the party fun this Autumn.


A variety of party themed activities are available to download for free from the official Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom website . The site is packed full of ideas for hosting a magical Elf and Fairy Party with your little ones and there are also some simply delicious Nanny Plum inspired recipes for cakes, cookies and sandwiches plus arts and crafts activities including make your own party invites, bunting, place names and thank you cards.

We’ll be holding our very own party very soon and i’ll be sharing the celebrations here on the blog so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, if you hold your own parties, don’t forget to share them with Ben and Holly on Twitter using the handle @thebenandholly and the hashtag #ElfAndFairyParty .


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