A Quick Guide To Online Bingo

People play all kinds of games online and there is a multitude to choose from, but bingo sites in particular have emerged as front-runners in the last few years. It’s a quick and easy game that you can access from most laptops, mobile devices and tablets and it’s perfect for busy mums looking for some time out from the kids.

When I first started playing online bingo I was very unsure of how it all worked and let me tell you, it is very easy to get swept up by registering with a site and not having a real understanding of how it operates, so I thought I’d put together a brief guide on how it all works:

Choosing the right site

The first and most important step is to choose the right bingo sites and there are lots of factors to consider when doing this including reputation, community, rules of the game, bingo cards, money in/money out, software, support and bonuses. Just take your time and find the right place for you.

New Player Bonuses

Most new players look for free sign up bonuses, which enables them to play a few games and get a feel for a site before investing any of their own money. Landmark Bingo, which is one of my personal favourites, offers a free bonus of £15 to all new players that register on their site. The bonus on offer differs from site to site, but do bear in mind though that the biggest bonus is not necessarily the best, as wagering requirements (the small print) can make it difficult to withdraw winnings so make sure you check out the site’s T&C’s before making any commitments.

Playing the game

When playing online bingo the first thing you’ll notice is how different it is to the format used in bingo halls. During the online games all of the numbers on your bingo card will be marked off automatically (known as auto-daubing) and you don’t need to do anything except wait to see if you hit the jackpot. Almost anyone can play and become a winner without needing any previous experience. The biggest decisions you’ll need to make are what rooms to enter and how many bingo cards to purchase.

Bingo Games

The industry works on the basis that there are several software providers that lease out the use of their platforms to more than 150 online bingo sites, so before you register with a site you should looks at the different types of game that it offers. The most common types of online bingo games are as follows:

  • 90-ball The traditional UK format; numbers are laid out over three lines of card and 90 balls can be called
  • 75-ball Emerged from the US and plays on a 5 x 5 grid
  • 80-ball Played on a 4 x 4 grid with 80 balls
  • Five-line The first five lines created horizontally, vertically or diagonally win

All online bingo sites have a unique theme of their own with games and promotions that may or may not differ depending on the network and software that they belong to. Other than free bonuses and jackpots, there are also prize draws that are regularly conducted on online bingo sites. Finding a place in any one of these draws can win you many “big” and unexpected prizes.

Whichever site you may choose, just remember online bingo is a game of fun, luck and entertainment more than anything else.


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