Keep The Journeys Interesting And Safe

These days, wherever you’re journeying with children, it can be a bit of a nightmare and you always need to plan well ahead.

This is particularly true of car travel in the UK where anything seems possible these days. You have to be ready and prepared for a long delay and huge queue at any time. This means having a stock of food, drinks, nappies, portable potties, wipes, bin bags and distractions or entertainment with you as a back-up at all times.

All these accoutrements are easier to store in the car, of course, so it’s worth having a whole box-load of emergency supplies in the back of the car that you only get out during such situations.

When it comes to public transport, though, it’s a lot harder to carry everything you need with you. As parents, though, we quickly become pretty adept at transporting everything we need – usually via the lower deck of junior’s pushchair and a rucksack.

When it comes to the entertainment side of things on buses, trains, the London Underground or planes etc., tablets can be an absolute boon. Not only is there a world of potential to keep toddlers entertained with games, movies, art programmes and so much more – but there’s also endless possibility for parents whilst little ones are sleeping or you’re just waiting around.

If you have mobile access on your tablet or you’re in a free WIFI zone – this is a whole lot easier, obviously. One good way of passing the time can be by signing up to a new gaming site, and taking advantage of the introductory bonus cash on offer. Most sites have different deals whereby you receive free cash in return for putting some of your own money down as a new customer. This can be just a few pounds.  It’s important to find the right place for mobile bingo because as with many online bingo sites, not only do you qualify for free cash bonuses as a new customer, but you can play the games for free in demo mode anyway – which is great for alleviating the boredom whilst having a bit of fun.       

For most parents these days, however, car travel is the biggest nightmare as it’s here where there is the biggest potential for unexpected long delays in situations where you’re powerless to do much. On a train or at a station or airport etc,, at least you can walk around. In cars on the road, however, little ones need to be kept strapped in – but understandably they begin to writhe around and complain, particularly when the car isn’t moving. So in addition to the afore-mentioned emergency box of supplies, always carry spare petrol in a carrier designed for that purpose in the boot – and make sure you have plenty fuel in before your trip starts. 

Portable DVD players can also be a life-line in such emergency car situations, as can a plug-in cooler box – and plenty of games. It’s all about preparation and planning for the worst.              


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