6 Wallpaper Looks For Your Kid’s Room

From when they’re staring up from their cot right up to doing their homework after school, your kids’ room will play a huge role in their lives. Without even realising it, this space will influence their creativity, their play times and their relaxation time. It’s so important!

So, with this in mind, I’ve been checking out Graham Brown’s children’s bedroom wallpaper collection at Dulux Decorator Centre and found some great examples for boys and girls of any age. Have a look through my top 6 below.


Bring some of your favourite story characters alive on your child’s walls and see the likes of Pooh, Piglet and Tigger bounding around, playing games and going on adventures. Let your kids be inspired by this wallpaper, inspired to make great friends, to explore nature and to have fun.


Now for something a little more active and vibrant, if your child loves superheroes then this is the wallpaper for them. With a vintage twist to it, this paper will last the test of time and see your child grow up. This could be great for a wall with a bookcase behind or even a reading nook.


This super cute wallpaper is the perfect mix of subtle elegance and cute critters. I particularly love that this paper could sit happily behind a cot and live with a little boy or girl right up to their early teens. Use this wallpaper as a backdrop for a Wild West wonderland, with tepees, Indian headdresses and cowboy saloons and really inspire creativity and play in your kids.


Now, we’re not encouraging your kids to draw on the walls, but this wallpaper allows for at least one wall to become a creative outlet for any little girls out there. These famous faces have been illustrated beautifully, with one princess flowing effortlessly into the next. And, if the thought of drawing on the walls fills you with dread, then don’t worry, this wallpaper looks sophisticated and beautiful all on its own, ready for you to fill the room with bright and beautiful accent colours.


Here is your chance to turn your child’s room into a gallery. And the best part is, they’re the artist! When there’s no room left on the fridge, you can now fill your walls with beautifully framed art work, without filling the walls with holes and an array of nails. This wallpaper is subtle, cute and playful, ready to bring out the budding artist in your child.


You might not think of this as a children’s wallpaper and you’re right. It could be used anywhere in your home. It would look great in a study, a cosy den or even on the wall of a chic kitchen. But, it could also be gorgeous in your child’s room from their days playing with toys to studying for tests. This London scenery could be the perfect backdrop for an adventure. Plus as they get older and start dreaming about travelling the world then this wallpaper is the perfect place to start.

Take a look at more kids inspired Graham Brown wallpapers and get a great deal from Dulux Decorator Centre. Find the best match for your child and start inspiring them right from the word go.


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