The Beauty Of Wooden Furniture

Furniture styles come and go, but one thing that seems to stand the test of time, no matter what the current trend, is the popularity of wooden furniture. From bed frames to armchairs, wooden furniture remains a popular choice for most home owners, so let’s take a look at just why this is and perhaps you can pick up a few ideas for your own home along the way!


Sturdy Stuff

As pretty as a piece of furniture may look, if it isn’t built to last then it is most certainly a waste of money. Wood is resilient and hard-wearing, making it the ideal option for busy family homes. It is also easily cleaned and with a quick wipe and polish can be made to look its best in moments, whatever spills occur. One of the best things about wooden furniture is that if you invest wisely, it can last for several years and even when its look begins to diminish, you can have it restored at reasonable price rather than buy something completely new.

The Practical Choice for any Room in the House

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, being suitable for most rooms in the home and of course outdoors, as garden furniture. In the kitchen, wood can add a wholesome rustic look, and wood-based sofas are an attractive and practical choice for the living room. Wooden bed frames remain one of the most popular types, no matter how many modern materials enter the market and there are currently many different styles available to suit anyone’s personal taste. In my opinion, Bedstar’s selection of easy to assemble wooden beds are an ideal example of how the natural material can make a stunning centre piece for the bedroom. I think that wooden garden furniture is so much more sophisticated than plastic or metal alternatives and providing the wood has had the correct finish, can withstand most types of weather.

3294841707_19be5d83bd_oNaturally Beautiful

One of nature’s most spectacular gifts is the beauty of its creations and wood’s swirling patterns and engrained contours can enhance the look of any piece of furniture. Real wood sofas and bed frames allow you to bring elements of the outside in, creating a relaxing vibe within the space. Furthermore, unlike other materials, there is an astonishing amount of choice when it comes to the type and colour of wood that can be used for furniture: choose from the deep burnt orange of Eastern Red Cedar, the pale brown hues of Butternut, or the soft yellow and browns of Pine, to name just a few.

Suitable for any Budget

The type of wood you select will determine the price you pay, but the marvellous thing is that there is a type of wood for every budget. Should you be on a low budget, pine or sycamore are certainly the best options as they are both affordable, yet still extremely attractive. If you are searching at the higher end of the market, you can splurge on walnut or teak depending on what type of furniture you require.

Low Environmental Impact

Last, but by no means least, wooden furniture is a fantastic option for those concerned about the environment. Most furniture suppliers are aware of the need to minimise their impact on the environment and more and more companies use wood from sustainable sources, such as bamboo and pine. This, alongside the fact that wood is an infinitely less damaging material than others, such as plastic, makes it the perfect choice if you want to be green.


Do you have any wooden furniture in your home, or have you been thinking about buying one or two wooden pieces recently? I’d love to hear your thoughts on wood for the home and if you’ve found it to be a worthwhile investment.


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