4 Cool Ideas For A Concrete Garden

If you’re anything like us you’ll spend hours trawling the internet before you start working on any part of the house, looking for design ideas and cool trends, making mood boards and preparing yourself for the task at hand. In fact, it could be what has brought you to this very article. Truth be told, if can all get a little overwhelming.

One huge problem with a smaller garden is you often don’t have much, if any grass to use. Fear not, we’ve put together a list of our 4 favourite ideas for making the most of a small garden, most of which you won’t even need any grass for! These are just a little starting point to help wet the appetite and save you some research hours, take a look and let us know what you think.


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You don’t have to have loads of grass or a lot of space to have a really great little garden escape. This picture shows perfectly how having a few nice potted plants can bring an otherwise grey and dull concrete area to life. The key here is to make sure whatever plants and small trees you buy give you a nice bit of height, at this helps the garden feel less cluttered and a little more secluded.


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We love this little garden nook, again, this one is about creating a feel of a bigger garden around you, so going upwards is essential. This really optimises the space you have, and using a frame; like this clever gardener has above, will give you loads of planting options. You can hang plants, use potted plants and have climbers. To really complete the look throw in some great lighting for when the sun goes in. With this kind of setup you’ll want to eat all of your meals outside! You may want to get yourself some outdoor heating to help evening’s last that bit longer, companies like CNM Online have some great options available, perfect to mount onto your framework.


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A great way to make a small garden feel bigger is to put a nice big mirror against one of the walls or fences. This really helps create the visual illusion of space, and looks much better than a fence. You’ll want to make sure there are a few plants on the opposite side to the mirror, so it reflects some wonderful green shades as well as the colours of any other plants you may have. This example has some great lighting, and again, some framework, but even without this a mirror can make a huge difference.


(Source : Decozilla)

When you haven’t got much space, every single inch counts. This step ladder shelving means you can get loads of smaller plants in the space you’d usually only be able to fit a couple. This is a really great option in rented accommodation, as it is much easier to take plants in pots with you. It’s also perfect for use on concrete, and doesn’t require great deals of upkeep.


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