Top Tips For Protecting Your Child’s Eyesight

Babies and young children predominantly learn through sight and sound, so right from the word go it’s very important to protect your child’s eyes.

As the eye develops and grows for around two years after a baby is born, it should be part of your routine checks to ensure everything is going smoothly. Learn more below.


When should I book an eye test?

At around three years old you should start thinking about your child’s first eye test. This is the perfect time to make sure their vision is fine before they start school. Don’t be worried about this part, remember that the earlier you find any issues with their sight, the sooner you can find a solution.

How often should my child have an eye test?

Unless you’ve been told otherwise by your doctor or optician, it’s recommended that you take your child to have their eyes checked once every year or two years.

What will the examination be like?

Some people might be a little concerned about visiting the opticians with such a young child, but you really don’t need to be. Children’s eye tests are modified to make sure that kids feel at ease at the opticians. Often the optician will simply monitor your child while pointing out various different objects and toys. They may also ask you about any family eyesight problems or any concerns you may have noticed.

How can I prepare?

All you need to do to prepare is to watch out for any signs that could indicate an issue with your child’s vision and ask your optician for guidance. Look out for:

  • Squinting
  • Bringing items closer to see them
  • A particular sensitivity to light
  • Eye rubbing
  • Tilting their head to see better
  • Closing one eye to see better

The main thing you can do though is book an appointment to see the specialist. A quick trip to the opticians will settle any fears you may have and ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and they’re getting the best start as they move into school.

When should I book the test?

The best time to come in for an appointment is when your child is alert. Make sure they’ve eaten, are feeling awake and not lethargic, this way you’ll get much more accurate results.

I would recommend Tesco Opticians as they offer free sight tests for everyone and are super convenient as you can even pop in whilst you’re doing the weekly shop!

If you’re booking a children’s sight test then you will need to give them a call on 0345 601 3479 to make an appointment at your local store. If you’re booking an appointment for yourself though you can book a free eye test online using their simple online booking service!


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