Brits Abroad

Summer has officially arrived and I could not be more excited for the season of BBQ’S, beer gardens, ice cream and trips to the seaside. There’s always the expectation that summer will be filled with long, hot, lazy days and sunshine from dawn to dusk but in true “British summer” style, it’s usually more often showers than sunshine.

So it’s no surprise that as a nation we flock in our thousands to warmer climates, travelling 2,479 miles on average, where we eat, drink and play away from the responsibilities of home.

On the whole us Brits have got a pretty bad reputation abroad. Whether it’s lounging by the pool shouting up to your friend’s balcony, spilling beer like it’s water, parading around it next to nothing or lunging at anything in a skirt, being in a foreign climate becomes like a passport to loose behaviour. From Lanzarote to Majorca and Thailand to Beirut, our strange whims, afternoon drinking sessions and often total disregard for local custom means we stick out like a sore thumb.

I can’t pretend that I don’t slightly live up to this stereotype from time to time. Well I used to anyway, in another life…pre-children.

Brits Abroad

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by car hire firm, Auto Europe, we drink on average 56 alcoholic drinks during a typical two week holiday. I can’t say I’m surprised, if there’s one thing us Brits abroad are good at, it’s drinking. By the pool, in the pool or even down a tube, we’ll guzzle just about anything with a minimum 40% alcohol content. While I’ve completely changed my ways since becoming a mama, i’ve definitely been guilty in the past of drinking alcohol everyday on summer breaks. It’s kind of the norm right?

The study also found that Brits spend on average 3 hours a day sunbathing, with most jumping on the sunbeds as early as 10am in the morning. While the much uninterrupted time would be absolute bliss, let’s be real for a moment here, I have two small children…small children don’t do “uninterrupted time,” so for me, even 1 minute alone would be some sort of triumph.

Interestingly it reveals that Brits spend 2.5hours on their mobile device each day and 1.6hours perusing social media – GUILTY! I kid you not, one of the first things I look for when considering accommodation abroad or in the UK is wifi access and availability! I know, I know…a holiday should be the opportunity to disconnect from technology etc. but, come on… it wouldn’t be a holiday if you couldn’t “check in” on facebook and instagram the hell out of the pool, beaches and food now would it?

What habits do you have on holiday? Would you consider yourself to be the typical Brit abroad?

Disclaimer: Collaborative post with Auto Europe

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