What Can Mummy Play When The Kids Are Away?

Parenting is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs there is. When it comes to raising children there is no definitive manual that tells mums what to do, and no right answers when it comes to the rules that should be laid down, or the praise administered. There is, however, one hard and fast rule that all mums should live by – make time for you. The life of a mum is a busy one and while they’re unlikely to want to change it, there are no doubt mums out there breathing a sigh of relief as soon as their children are safely tucked up for the evening, or in the care of a school or nursery. Those quieter moments are so precious, and they can be rare so just how can you make the most of your time alone?

When the kids are away, mum can…

Learn something new

The role of a mum is varied and includes teacher, cook, housekeeper, and cuddle-giver. However, the mission that is parenthood can also change a mum’s outlook on life, and leave her yearning for a new challenge once her time becomes her own once more. If you find you have something of a void to fill, or are keen to learn a new skill now is the time to do something about it. Why not research a local college course that appeals to you, find a part time class, or register an interest in a group meeting near you? Such endeavours will allow you to learn something new, and perhaps give you an idea of where you turn to next – there is a life, post-children.

Embrace online gaming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, you’ll know that there has been something of an online explosion of late; online gaming and gambling is now more popular than ever, with bingo sites, casinos, and slot machines taking the lead. While such games are incredibly fun to play, the social elements attached are also hugely rewarding. Chatting to likeminded mums in a web forum is hugely cathartic, and offers a sense of freedom like no other. Additionally, visiting sites such as Casino-sites.co to find the games that are right for you will enable you to experience the excitement of the casino without having to leave the house. With plenty of chances to win, fun to be had, and freedom to be explored, you’ll long for school drop off so you can log on.

Relax and unwind

There is much to be said for filling those school hours with housework, excitement, or tasks that never are done while the children are under your feet, but why not take an opportunity to do nothing at all? Snuggle down on the sofa and catch up on your favourite TV shows, read a book, take a long sudsy bath, or pamper yourself with a facemask, makeover and a new haircut. However you pamper yourself ensure you reclaim that time at least once a week. It’ll make the housework seem much more bearable.

Enjoy a good walk

Studies have proven that getting out and about alongside nature can do wonders for the soul and spirit, so next time you have a spare morning or afternoon head out for a walk and enjoy that fresh air; even better if you have an adult companion or the family dog to accompany you. Regardless of whether you’re treading the streets around your town or city or hiking through the countryside, make a pledge to spend more time outside; you never know what you might find, but the peace the outside world provides is unrivalled.

So, there you have it; raising children is an amazing experience, and every day is likely to be an adventure of some kind. However, as soon as they’re safely ensconced in school or childcare, or you find yourself with more evenings to kill, you’re likely to breathe a sigh of relief; don’t feel guilty, but embrace this new access to ME time. I think, by now, you’ve earned it…


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