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It is that time of year when the summer holidays are in full swing and parents across the UK are praying preparing for their child(ren) to go back to school in September. With that in mind, i’ve put together some “Back To School” features where i’ll be sharing some of my top picks and favourite brands/products with you all. Today is the turn of BIC.

BIC has the perfect solution for those heading back to school this September in the form of this BIC 32 Piece Pack, which contains everything you could possible need stationery-wise for the new academic year.


The pack contains:

  • 4 x Stick Ball Pens
  • 2 x 4 Colours Pens
  • 10 x Colouring Felt Pens
  • 6 x Graphite Pencils
  • 2 x Sharpeners
  • 2 x Mini Erasers
  • 2 x Highlighters
  • 1 x Correction Tape
  • 2 x Glues
  • 1 x Mini Correction Pen

There are 3 BIC Cristal Fun pens in the pack which are large point ball pens available in fashionable fun colours – purple, blue and green. I actually used to use these at secondary school, particularly when note-taking, to highlight important text or information that i wanted to be able to find easily. They have a 1.6mm point size for a broad line width of 0.6mm.

Also included in the pack is a BIC Cristal Original Pen in black. It is capable of writing 2 times more than other ballpoint pens and is excellent value for money, especially for students with limited budgets.

FACT: With a single BIC Cristal you can write up to 9431 signatures, 506 postcards, 97 exam papers and 2 kilometres.

They have a 1.00mm tip for a medium line width of 0.4mm.

If there is one product that immediately takes me back to my youth, it’s the 4 colours in 1 retractable ball pen. Everyone who was anyone had these in their pencil case at school and i’m so glad they’re still around for today’s generation. They give you the choice of black, blue, red and green ink in an all-in-one pen and the snazzy barrel designs were elected by Facebook fans on the BIC Facebook page. Personally i love the black background and pop of colour and the foreground. They have a 1.00mm tip for a medium line width.

A pencil case wouldn’t be complete without some felt tip pens and there are 10 rainbow colours included in this pack. What i find particularly great about these felt tips is that they are completely washable from most fabrics and won’t dry out if the caps are left off.

At first glance the BIC Evolution pencils in this pack look like your average wooden pencils, but don’t be fooled. They are coloured wood-free graphite pencils with striped varnish that are easy to sharpen, resistant to chewing and they do not produce splinters if broken. They actually feel really soft and comfortable to hold in your hand as well.

Next up is the highlighters – one of my must-have stationery products. I use them on a daily basis and the BIC Highlighters are my absolute favourite. They’re brightly coloured pocket highlighters and the fluorescent ink works on all kinds of paper (copy, fax and paper). They have a chisel tip which gives a line width of 1.6mm for underlining and if used on its side gives a line width of 3.4mm for full-text highlighting.

The BIC Ecolutions Glue Stick is another staple already found in my pencil case and the boys’ craft boxes. It’s washable from most fabrics, solvent free and ideal for use on paper, cardboard and photos so it’s perfect for adults and children alike. What’s more, the dispenser is made from 100% recycled plastic and i’m all for using ethical products!

BIC has included a selection of handy products in this pack for those unfortunate mishaps we are all guilty of making from time to time. Their Mini Plast-Office Erasers are made from a synthetic rubber and are suitable for pencils and graphite leads. They are also the ideal size for pencil cases.

Then there’s the Mini Pocket Mouse which is a compact design correction tape that provides high quality coverage with instant rewriting. The tape is 5mm wide x 5m long.

Lastly there’s the Mini Shake ‘n Squeeze which is a high quality correction fluid in a mini squeezable pen-like body. It features a fine metal point for precise correction and fits easily in the hand to correct as you write. Quick-drying formula and control of fluid flow makes for easy rewriting.

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What do you think of the BIC 32 Piece Pack? Is there anything you would add or remove?

Personally i think it’s fantastic value for money and as BIC is a brand i have used for years and trust, i know the products are going to be of the highest quality and standard.

The BIC 32 Piece Pack has an RRP of £19.99 and is available to purchase from Tesco.

Disclaimer: I was sent a BIC 32-Piece Stationery Set for the purpose of this post. Love From Mummy will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed and we will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers.


    • 22 August, 2016 / 8:49 pm

      Oh my gosh, i had no idea they were on offer for £9.99! What a bargain xx

    • 22 August, 2016 / 8:49 pm

      I know right, i absolutely love their stuff! Plus i’ve just discovered this set is on offer for £9.99 in Tesco – BARGAIN! xx

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