Back To School With Smiggle

I am a self-confessed stationery and planner addict, so stationery is a pretty big deal in this household. Serious business, that quite frankly, takes up way more of my time than it should.

Recently I was introduced to a new brand called Smiggle, one that I’m amazed I haven’t heard of before but am now totally obsessed with. Their products are seriously A-MAZING and I am fully converted to a “Smiggler”!

Smiggle – where a smile meets a giggle – was born in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia and hopped across the ocean in 2014 to open its first store here in the UK. The brand’s ultimate goal is to inspire and develop the creative spirits of its customers by delivering original, fun and affordable stationery. Smiggle products are all about great design and innovation, bold colour, quirky graphics, great value and most of all – giving Smiggle fans the tools they need to have fun.

If you’ve not visited one of Smiggle stores before then I would highly recommend it as they’ve created a place that’s well worth a peek. They’re small but they’re incredibly bright, with friendly and passionate Smigglers who are only too happy to take you through the range. Smiggle isn’t a store where you should be scared of the kids touching things, in fact they actively encourage kids to experiment, explore, poke, prod, smell and play because their products are full of hidden little secrets.

Smiggle is the place to be for all those essentials to start the academic year in style. Whether you’re on the hunt for the brightest backpack, the perfect pencil case or the sweetest smelling stationery – Smiggle has back to school covered.

Smiggle Back To School

The back to school products we received from Smiggle were:

Hardtop Kick It Pencil Case £13.00

Groovy Hardtop Pencil Case £13.00

Scented Juicy Eraser Box £4.00

Scented Colour Pencils (12 pack) £10.00

I was really impressed with the quality of the products, especially the pencil cases. They feel really strong and durable and the hard outer shell keeps the contents well protected and organised. There’s plenty of space for staple items like pens, pencils, scissors, erasers, rulers etc…without making the pencil case itself too bulky.

Smiggle Back To School

The really cool thing about the Kick It Hardtop Pencil Case in particular though is that it’s no ordinary pencil case…oh no…it’s a desktop football pitch. Seriously. It comes with 2 x sets of football legs, 2 x goalposts and 2 x football erasers so kids can have fun playing sport whilst keeping their stationery organised. You may just want to remove these items for school though, we wouldn’t want them having any distractions in the classroom!

Smiggle Back To School

The Scented Juicy Eraser Box set is a fun and cute novelty product that kids will love. Heck…adults too…I’m quite partial to scented stationery myself. There are four juice cartons – banana, pineapple, strawberry and grape juice – and each one contains mini fruit shaped erasers that look and smell like real fruits.

Smiggle Back To School Smiggle Back To School

The Scented Colour Pencils are my absolute favourite though and as the packaging suggests: “scented pencils this fun make a whole lot of sense.” And they do…so i’m totally with Smiggle on that. The 12 coloured pencils each have a different scent – which is activated by rubbing the pencil – banana, chocolate, cool mint, pineapple, strawberry, cola, vanilla, green apple, cookie, orange, grape and sour lemon. The cookie one is divine!

Smiggle Scented Pencils Back To SchoolSmiggle Scented Pencils Back To SchoolIn a nutshell, Smiggle’s Back To School range is brilliant and I can totally understand the hype over it.

You can view the full range at and get 20% off you next online purchase when you sign up their smigglemail.



    • 16 August, 2016 / 8:58 pm

      Right? I am totally jealous of the products available to kids these days! xx

  1. 16 August, 2016 / 11:39 am

    I came across a Smiggle store the other day and was really taken by how colourful everything looked. It caught my sons eye too so I think we may be visiting again for some school supplies!
    Gemma recently posted…Countdown to schoolMy Profile

    • 16 August, 2016 / 8:59 pm

      I would definitely recommend a visit! They have a little doodle station where the kids can get creative and everything! xx

  2. 16 August, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    I love the football pencil case and I know my boy would love that. never actually heard of this company before so I will go and look. I haven’t yet sorted out the back to school stationary.
    blogging Mummy recently posted…Spending time with GrandadMy Profile

    • 16 August, 2016 / 9:00 pm

      I hadn’t heard of them either until they got in touch, how i don’t know because i’m a total stationery addict, but their stuff is AMAZING! I literally want everything xx

    • 16 August, 2016 / 9:01 pm

      I’m so jealous of the stuff available for kids these days…when i was at school it was a tin pencil case and bog standard stationery. Oh how times have changed! xx

    • 18 August, 2016 / 9:41 am

      I still love going stationery shopping now lol! xx

  3. 17 August, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    Oh my God. This is so pretty. I love stationary also. I am not that big into it anymore thought since I stopped snail mailing. I have to bookmark this page when my son starts school next year.
    Janine Dolan recently posted…My World Travel Bucket List My Profile

    • 18 August, 2016 / 9:39 am

      I have a wishlist so long i’m pretty sure i’ll be bankrupt by the end of the year. They’re stuff is just too cute and funky! xx

  4. 24 August, 2016 / 9:23 am

    Oh I love them, so bright and colourful. I can see why they are so popular 🙂
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…One MonthMy Profile

    • 25 August, 2016 / 9:28 pm

      For a stationery addict like myself, it’s hard not to love and want literally everything! Haha xx

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