How to Get Your Kids Involved in Planning the Family Holiday

Travelling with kids always seems to present a number of difficulties and depending on the ages involved difficulties can range from wanting to stop every few minutes to complaining quite vocally over where the family is headed. Teens can oftentimes be the trickiest to travel with because they are the most easily bored. If you are planning a holiday with the family where you’ll be in the car for any length of time, here are some tips for getting your kids involved in planning the family holiday.


Get Their Input on Where to Go

Although you have in mind where you’d like to spend the family holiday, sometimes it isn’t worth insisting that you go where mum and dad want to go. It’s often easier on all involved if you let your kids have a hand in planning where you’ll be travelling to. Get their input on where to spend the holiday and surprisingly, most kids will be much easier to travel with if they know that something exciting awaits them on the trip.

Promise Teens Time behind the Wheel

Once your teens reach a certain age you know they want to get their driving licence. If you start planning your trip well enough in advance, they can get the driving theory part out of the way and be ready to get in some experience behind the wheel. Naturally you will need to plan your route wisely so that there are places where it is safe for learner drivers to practice, but if you plan to take some less-travelled roads you just might be able to let them get a lot of time spent behind the wheel. Even so, try to work in some times when they can practice in heavier traffic, but the bulk of their practice in the beginning should be on quiet roadways and at slower speeds.

Put Them in Charge of Photo Documenting the Holiday

Any kid old enough to work a digital camera can be put in charge of documenting the family holiday in photos or videos. Many of today’s youth have mobile phones that take great pictures so whilst they are riding along, have them take pictures of interesting sights along the way and of course, photos of the places you stop. You will never know just how excited kids get when put in charge of taking the photos until you’ve given it a try. When you return home you have several choices for preserving the photos but most tech-savvy kids prefer digital picture frames over traditional hard-bound photo albums. Let them have a hand in choosing how to save and display them as well!

All in all, if you plan well enough in advance and let the kids have an active role in planning the family holiday you’ll see that it goes smoother for all involved. Kids love to feel important and by letting them have a hand in planning the road trip you will be telling them that their opinions matter. Want a great holiday this year? Let the kids help you plan.

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