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Up until last month, I had never really used any sort of sticker chart or reward system for the boys, but seeing how well Harry responded to one for potty training has made me think about introducing one for good behaviour.

He is quite challenging at the moment in terms of his behaviour and I would say we have most certainly entered the “threeanger stage”. It consists of (but is not limited to): mini meltdowns, temper tantrums, sudden outbursts of rage, mood swings, split personalities and just a general attitude towards most people. It certainly makes my day more interesting.

Anyway, I digress. The Reward Box makes a wonderful alternative to the more traditional wall charts and is proving to be a fantastic way for us to remind Harry of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. We’re also going to be using it for Riley as a reward system for good behaviour and achievements at school when he starts next month.

The Reward Box comes beautifully presented in a gift box and is currently available in two designs – a fairy house and a pirate chest – I opted for the blue pirate design, simply because we have been learning about the seaside and pirates over the summer holidays, but they would have equally loved the pink fairy one. After all, these are the boys that ask for fairy wings and wands more often than they do dinosaurs and cars.

My Reward Box My Reward Box

This wooden reward box is in the shape of a treasure chest and comes with a little organza bag containing 20 wooden star tokens. The box itself is of a high quality and feels very durable and sturdy. There is a slot at the top of the chest for wooden stars to be dropped through and it features a fully opening hinged lid.

The clasp is a nice little touch actually as it really compliments the chest’s design and fastens securely, keeping all those wooden tokens safely away from prying fingers. There are also two holes at the end of the chest, which allow the boys to easily carry it around by themselves.

My Reward Box My Reward Box

The box can also be personalised with your child’s name and decorated with a set of fabulous themed stickers by purchasing one of their ‘personalistion kits’. Although for a limited time only they are giving them away free with each reward box. The only problem I encountered at this point was that I didn’t have enough letters to complete Harry’s name, having already used one of the ‘R’ for Riley, so I had to improvise and use his nickname instead which is Haribo.

I’ve found The Reward Box to be a great way of motivating Riley and Harry to help me with chores around the home or behave well. As they perform a chore or demonstrate good behaviour, they get rewarded with a star token, which can be placed in the chest. If they show bad behaviour or refuse to help me with something when asked, then they lose a token. Once they collect 10 stars, they will receive a prize.
My Reward BoxMy Reward BoxI have split the tokens between them so they’ve got 10 each and I’ve marked their initials on the stars with a permanent marker. I hope in the future there is an option to buy more stars in different colours, as it would be much easier for parents (like myself) with more than one child using the same reward box, to identify which stars belong to which child.

The Reward Box can be used as part of a reward scheme for anything from potty training and fussy eaters to good behaviour, homework and chores…whatever you need it for.

My Reward Box My Reward Box

The Reward Box has a RRP of £35.00 and is available to purchase from It is the perfect, original children’s gift which will be treasured for years to come.


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