Going Back To Work As A New Mum

Prior to having a first baby, many women are more than happy to put in that extra time at work in order to get the bonus they are after or for many other reasons. However, with the demands of a little one at home and the need to spend as much quality time as possible with your new child, this motivation for time at the office will disappear.

So what Career options are there that offers more time at home?

The most obvious answer is part-time work or starting working as a freelancer. However, this we will ignore in the article as it can mean a drop in wages. Now with high mortgages and cost of living, this is not an option for many women who are going back to work.

Therefore, we need to look at jobs that can offer more flexi-hours and a good amount of time off. A popular option has been working as a PA. PA Jobs in London can pay as much as £40K-50K, but around the country the average salary is still good. There are also plenty of jobs in the market to choose from, some offering family friendly hours and other demanding more time in the office.


What makes PA work suitable?

With modern technology there is a big increase in the ability of a PA to work remotely from home. Many companies will now allow PAs to log in from home on occasion that they are not required in the office. Many other PA in the job market have the same family commitment issues that a new mother is experiencing, so companies and recruiters tend to allow and expect this to be a request in this industry. Finally, as technology increases the expectation that a PA can work flexi-hours is greater and the ability to leave early to collect children from day care is far more common. The last point is that PA work can also pay relatively well for a job that can offer flexibility.

How can I become a PA?

You can become a PA by taking a suitable training course. You should realise that PA work is highly reliant on good soft skills, face-to-face communication and writing skills. Ideally, you should join an accredited course and ensure that the training has a large amount of interaction with your tutors. The gaining of interpersonal skills is a great asset for an interview and later when you start working. The largest number of PA Training Courses are found in London, but you can find them across the UK.

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    Thanks Vikki

    This is a good solution if you are unfortunately out of work (or just looking for extra income) and find yourself keep sending your CV, or phoning to find employment, the chances of you finding a position are very small. In fact, almost impossible and if you are lucky enough to find a job, they will probably be paying you less now than you were earning 2 or 3 years ago.
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