How To Make Your Life Easier If You Live With Mobility Issues

Whether we like it or not, we all age…it’s just part of life. And though we all like to think that we’ll be in perfect health and lead long, happy lives, fate can sometimes have other ideas for us. Many elderly find it hard to get around because of mobility problems. Some may suffer from arthritis. Others may have mobility issues caused by injuries sustained in their lives.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure; there is a growing need and desire for our homes to be as comfortable and as assessable as possible. You might not think it, but there are plenty of aids, tools and adaptations available to make your everyday life easier. With a just a few changes, you can remain in your own home for longer and retain a certain level of independence.

Here are some examples of how you can make that happen:

Install ramps and hand rails to all exterior doors

One of the many challenges people with mobility issues face is the ability to get in and out of their home safely. To solve the problem, a suggestion would be to install ramps and hand rails on all exterior doors. If mobility declines to the point that you require a wheelchair, you will be able to go up and down the ramp with ease.

Use food preparation boards

If you only have the use of one hand, reduced hand grip or tremor, then there are special chopping boards and food preparation boards that can stabilise food or items of equipment for chopping, grating, mixing and peeling. They include features such as colour contrast, spikes to secure food, a food collector or a contoured clamp system to stabilise bottles and tins.

Make adaptations to the bathroom


Your safety in the bathroom is very important and there may be individual factors which determine which bathing equipment best suits your needs, but walk in showers and wet rooms are always a popular option as they provide unrestricted access. Speak with your occupational therapist and a reputable company like Premier Bathrooms – who are the UK market leaders in walk in bathrooms and easy access showers – to get all the information you need before making any rash decisions.

Have remote control plugs and lighting fitted

Plug sockets are often mounted low on the wall near the floor and can be difficult to bend down and reach when you have reduced mobility. If you are regularly turning a low socket on/off then you may find it easier and safer to add a remote control socket that you can control remotely from the comfort of your own armchair. Adaptors are also available for light sockets, with the receiver installed between the bulb and the light fitting.

Consider purchasing an adaptive bed

Getting in and out of bed can be a tough challenge when you are old, fragile and living with mobility issues, especially when the weather gets cold. Consider purchasing an adaptive bed for your bedroom, one that allows you to adjust and tilt the bed using a remote control.


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