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We have been living in our current home for just over two years now and while I wouldn’t say it’s my ‘dream home’, we have a happy life and are very settled here. We’re in an extremely fortunate position as my mum owns the house and we rent it off of her so we don’t have to worry about mortgages further down the line because we know this property will be ours one day anyway. For that reason – and the fact she literally lives in the house next door – we have no intention of ever moving out, so I’m determined to do what I can to make this place as dreamy as I possibly can.

I’m a self-confessed minimalist. I love scandi design and am obsessed with monochrome and neutral colour palettes so there’s lots of little ideas and projects I have in mind to gradually filter that look throughout the house.

I’m the type of girl that needs lots of natural daylight, which I currently do not have, especially in the living room – it’s like a cave – so that’s one area I’m keen to focus on. I long for light streaming in through floor to ceiling windows or doors that open right back to give an uninterrupted view of the garden. In fact, during a trip to my local Millbrook Garden Centre in Marden last week, i actually stopped by the DWL Windows showroom there for a spot of window shopping (did you see what i did there?) and fell in love with their choice of aluminium sliding doors. I can but dream right?

Anyway, back to the living room. As I mentioned before I tend to opt for neutral colour palettes and right now I am loving the grey, blush and copper trends appearing in living spaces.

I think It looks clean and chic against a backdrop of white or light grey walls and the use of blush accents and copper accessories really brings the whole look together.

I love the idea of a charcoal grey sofa layered with cushions and throws in shades of blush pink, white, grey and black for contrast and the use of different fabrics to create texture and a snug, cosy area.

Source: Domino

Metallics and pastels go great together and copper is a trend you can find EVERYWHERE right now so the choice of accessories available is amazing. To me, copper has a hint of pink so it’s like these two colours were meant to exist together and the colour combo is perfect for glamming up a neutral living space.

Source: The Design Chaser

What do you think about a grey, blush and copper colour theme? What would your dream living space be like?


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