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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found organising group collections a giant hassle. Whether it’s for a gift, trip, event or project…there’s nothing worse than having to chase people for money and being left out of pocket. Well let me introduce you to – a new online service designed to relieve the stress and hassle associated with group collections.

Founded in 2009 by Celine Lazorthes, is the leading European service for online group money collected and it’s now available in the UK as well. It’s easy and secure interface allows anyone to create an online money pot and invite other participants with the aim to finance any type of gifts, trips, events and projects. With a Leetchi money pot you can buy group gifts – for birthdays, leaving dos, weddings, baby showers, secret santas – organise events, support charitable causes and much more!

nf_uk_anniversaire_1Advanced social media integration allows you to share your money pot across Facebook, Twitter and Google+, raising the profile of your fundraising and encouraging fundraising efforts to go viral.

How does it work?

It’s simple…like really simple. In just a few clicks, users can sign up to the website, create a personalised money pot online and invite friends, family, colleagues and other people to contribute.  Each person can make a payment using their bank card and all funds collected are then deposited straight into the money pot.


Once the target figure has been reached, users can spend their money pot as they please; online on partner sites (100% free), request a bank transfer (2.9% fee for transfers above £2000 and 4% below) or offer the money pot directly to the beneficiary. saves its users time and energy and takes the hassle out of money collection. The free service is easy to use and their money pots can be used for anything and everything.

Having used the service myself I think my favourite features have got to be the social media integration and the ability for website owners and bloggers – like myself – to embed a widget into blog posts and homepages. Also, I like the fact that when people donate funds to the money pot, they can add a personal message – this is perfect if you are purchasing a group gift for someone as the messages can be printed off and included with a greetings card.

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